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  1. 'Pound and Waley taught the West a kind of irregular iambic pentameter or free verse, in both cases as dependent on quantitative rhythms as on accentual.'
  2. 'One function of such a form was evidently to draw attention to the phonetic and etymological character of the words, and away from their accentual, syntactic, and rhetorical features.'
  3. 'Indeed, unless we are exposed to a tongue in infancy, we may never acquire full accentual control, or be as good as native speakers at discriminating closely-similar speech sounds in that language.'
  4. 'Each track is regularly cut up into several miniature movements, equally showcasing Buck's immaculate lo-fi production techniques, subtle mixing, accentual scratching, and predominantly soft-spoken emceeing abilities.'
  5. 'That misnomer, Free Verse, has its own chapter of essay and examples, as do English language verse's bread and butter - the accentual and syllabic measures.'
  6. 'By contrast, English lyric poets rely on a congruence between stress patterns and the beat structure of our music, resulting in a metrical system that is called accentual or accentual-syllabic.'
  7. 'It is also possible to return to many examples that we collected (but did not tape record) and assign them an accentual structure and a PP-phrasing that is undoubtedly correct.'
  8. 'In reading the poems accentually rather than syllabically, O Riordain is perhaps seeing them through the lens of post-Classical accentual traditional verse.'


1. of or relating to accent or stress.

2. Prosody. of or relating to poetry based on the number of stresses, as distinguished from poetry depending on the number of syllables or quantities.

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