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(especially as a direction) with a gradual increase of speed.


    An accelerando passage.
    1. 'Clipped, laconic, understated, but with quirky rubatos and accelerandos to convey something simmering underneath.'
    2. 'By most all accounts the evening was a success, with one local critic lauding the orchestra's ‘exciting accelerandos and heart-stopping rubatos.’'
    3. '‘In the Middle of the Night, Something or Someone Is Under the Bed and I Decide to Look’ is a wonderfully descriptive piece that consists of chromatically rising rhythmic effects within one long crescendo and accelerando.'
    4. 'The mysterious opening becomes increasingly agitated till an irate accelerando launches the Allegro on its wayward path.'
    5. 'The plonking accordion-driven sections of Radio / Video lull the listener into a false sense of security, before the band once again whip themselves up into a tense accelerando before ‘rocking out’ to a glorious crescendo.'
    6. 'You have to watch out for the small accelerandi.'
    7. 'But he lets us have breakneck accelerandos and ear-splitting fortissimos rather too cavalierly, and now and then lapses into undue cuteness.'
    8. 'That was always fascinating to me, like the long accelerando in the final variation of Elgar's Enigma that I eventually recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, easy to take a little too quick and find you have to put the brakes on.'

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    1. gradually increasing in speed.

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    "links can be accelerando."