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Relating to or denoting the depths or bed of the ocean, especially between about 3000 and 6000 metres down.
  1. 'the genera found in the abyssal North Atlantic'
  2. 'I remember hearing that it had no actual bottom, but was just a dark abyssal crack in the planet.'
  3. 'This obviously attracted a better class of nautilus, and a bumper crop was viewed by the team the next day in a wonderful dive hanging over an abyssal drop-off.'
  4. 'The near-constant depth of the abyssal sea floor indicates that the lithosphere thickens to roughly 100 km in 70 million years, but then ceases to grow.'
  5. 'With the deepest seas in Indonesia and islands jutting up from abyssal depths, this is truly spectacular diving second to none.'
  6. 'They are found in every aquatic habitat from the abyssal depths of the ocean to freshwater streams and ponds; a few can even crawl on land for short periods of time.'
  7. 'They are found in all seas, at all latitudes, and from the intertidal to the abyssal zone.'
  8. 'Bottom-living marine-invertebrate species are not scattered randomly across the sea floor from the high-tide line to abyssal depths.'
  9. 'Talisei, Bangka and Lembeh are all on the continental shelf, but the marine park's five islands jut from abyssal depths, and the diving is appropriately dramatic.'
  10. 'Sardine and squid do not inhabit abyssal plains.'
  11. 'Beyond this depth is the area known as the abyssal zone.'
  12. 'Geologists know it as an area of mysterious abyssal hot spots where sediments may hold millions of dollars worth of precious metals.'
  13. 'The fluids that emerge may come in bursts when earthquakes occur; fluid flow may therefore repeat episodically over hundreds of thousands of years as abyssal hills are uplifted and spread away from the mid-ocean ridge crest.'


1. of or like an abyss; immeasurable; unfathomable.

2. of or relating to the biogeographic zone of the ocean bottom between the bathyal and hadal zones: from depths of approximately 13,000 to 21,000 feet (4000 to 6500 meters).

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"depths can be abyssal."

"provinces can be abyssal."

"norths can be abyssal."

"zones can be abyssal."

"peridotites can be abyssal."

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Mid 17th century: from late Latin abyssalis ‘belonging to an abyss’ (see abyss).