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Extremely offensive and insulting.
  1. 'he became quite abusive and swore at her'
  2. 'He could also be prosecuted for behaving anti-socially or using insulting or abusive, including homophobic, language.'
  3. 'Their antics included shouting, abusive language and touching the bottom of a young air hostess, Newcastle Crown Court heard.'
  4. 'He must also attend school and not use abusive, threatening, insulting or offensive language in public.'
  5. 'Nobody who sees this film can point a finger at me for portraying violence, abusive language, or offensive scenes.'
  6. 'Mrs Walsh said the four men arrested for abusive language hurled insults at the police outside the pub after staff helped officers to clear the bar.'
  7. 'When chased by the teachers they just run through residents' gardens and if the residents complain they get the same foul and abusive language.'
  8. 'It should be borne in mind that words or behaviour may be annoying or rude without being necessarily abusive or insulting.'
  9. 'Individuals should not be allowed to run amok insulting and using abusive language against one another.'
  10. 'He further pleaded to using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and with being intoxicated on the same date.'
  11. 'Magistrates heard he was extremely abusive to the police and was warned.'
Engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty.
  1. 'an abusive relationship'
  2. '‘The song is about women putting up with abusive relationships and not being able to leave,’ he says.'
  3. 'A victim's decision to remain in an abusive relationship may be positively reinforced in several ways.'
  4. 'Not that he was abusive, unkind or violent, he just expected more of her than she often felt she had to give.'
  5. 'Leaving an abusive relationship may be punished in a number of ways.'
  6. 'How do I know if I am in an unhealthy, abusive, or even violent relationship?'
  7. 'There is strong evidence for a link between abusive behaviour and violence in the family of origin.'
  8. 'A friend of mine was a domestic violence crisis line counselor and wound up in an abusive relationship.'
  9. 'When women pluck up the courage to leave a violent or abusive relationship, they often find their abuser turns to the law, Tagg explained.'
  10. 'She struggled through divorce, life as a single parent, abusive relationships and another rocky marriage.'
  11. 'I was in a particularly nasty marriage, a violent and abusive relationship that started the day after the wedding.'
Involving injustice or illegality.
  1. 'The latest move to establish regional offices has created fears of a possible return to repressive and abusive practices.'
  2. 'When pickers went out on strike, abusive practices of foremen were usually a main source of complaint.'
  3. 'Not that the oppressive, undemocratic, abusive and illegal proposals are to be binned.'
  4. 'It was 1875 when the child labour laws cracked down on this abusive practice.'
  5. 'What they are not willing to do, however, is take part in what they view as an illegal and abusive occupation.'
  6. 'Essentially, the challenge is to catch abusive practices without catching harmless practices, to boot.'


1. using, containing, or characterized by harshly or coarsely insulting language: an abusive author; abusive remarks.

2. treating badly or injuriously; mistreating, especially physically: his abusive handling of the horse.

3. wrongly used; corrupt: an abusive exercise of power.

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"practices can be abusive in markets."

"places can be abusive to people."

"occasions can be abusive to people."

"numbers can be abusive after services."

"languages can be abusive."

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