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The process by which one thing absorbs or is absorbed by another.
  1. 'shock absorption'
  2. 'Nor is it merely that their absorption into domesticity makes functional sense in a commercial and industrial society.'
  3. 'Cholesterol taken up by bacterial cells in the intestine is unlikely to be available for absorption into the blood.'
  4. 'And be sure to paint the inside of the planter to minimize water absorption into the wood.'
  5. 'The relatively quick absorption into the bloodstream enables a rapid headache response.'
  6. 'Here status preservation came through absorption into the expanding state bureaucracy and army.'
  7. 'Today, we confront the more subtle threat of absorption into the larger community.'
  8. 'Its molded cushioning cradles my foot for maximum shock absorption.'
  9. 'In children the problems of poor vitamin and mineral absorption can cause stunted growth and dental problems if the condition is not recognised.'
  10. 'Essentially it is made of bones known as vertebrae with a disc for shock absorption between the vertebrae.'
  11. 'Instead of ending the play with the hitman's absorption into the group, however, there's a gratuitous plot-twist.'
The state of being engrossed in something.
  1. 'His apparent absorption in his own thoughts borders on the rude.'
  2. 'What motivates Colin Marshall is just total absorption in what he is doing and he is proud of it.'
  3. 'Using his absorption with the computer as my defense, I declined to plug in.'
  4. 'While sneaking out of their rooms, he saw you walking down the hallway and in all your absorption in your books, you didn't flicker a glance at him.'
  5. 'Psychologists talk about flow, a term that describes a state of total absorption in a task, and in which people are often at their happiest.'
  6. 'Anna has been using her absorption in work to avoid even thinking about these issues.'
  7. 'Eventually Tocqueville's single-minded absorption in French affairs will lead him away from America altogether.'
  8. 'Wilder captures the childlike adoration of the father and absorption in the way the world works.'
  9. 'This sense of enchantment, of utter absorption in a moment, is fundamental to the lyric and lies at the heart of what it has to offer.'
  10. 'The intensity of and absorption in play finds no explanation in biological analysis.'

More definitions

1. the act of absorbing.

2. the state or process of being absorbed.

3. assimilation; incorporation: the absorption of small farms into one big one.

4. uptake of substances by a tissue, as of nutrients through the wall of the intestine.

5. a taking in or reception by molecular or chemical action, as of gases or liquids.

6. Physics. the removal of energy or particles from a beam by the medium through which the beam propagates.

7. complete attention or preoccupation; deep engrossme

More examples(as adjective)

"rates can be absorption."

"processes can be absorption."


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘the swallowing up of something’): from Latin absorptio(n-), from absorbere ‘swallow up’ (see absorb).