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Skilfully; competently.
  1. 'She was ably supported by Charlotte Dixon, Amie Whetstone, Jennifer Griffiths and Rachel Hsu.'
  2. 'His team colleagues, ably captained by Robbie Powell, covered very well and registered their best points tally of the season.'
  3. 'Mr Luff was thanked for answering all questions put to him so ably.'
  4. 'However, the quality of this single is in no doubt and it was ably supported by what was unquestionably, for me, the best video of the year.'
  5. 'Jimmy was ably assisted on the day by Tyrone Power, best man, James Walsh, and Stuart Murray.'
  6. 'The president has ably led us through the uncertain days following the worst attack on our country in modern times.'
  7. 'He was ably supported by his partner who was quite happy to play second fiddle, taking 47 balls for his five runs.'
  8. 'It takes a brave man to argue that empire is good, but Niall Ferguson ably and admirably makes the case.'
  9. 'On this particular hike he was ably assisted by hike leaders Calvin Crawford and Leon Rougier.'
  10. 'He was the driving force upfront, and was ably supported by the willing Richard Pugh, Duncan Jones and Ryan Jones.'

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1. in an able manner; with skill or ability; competently.

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"lines can be ably."