Adjective "abloom" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Covered in flowers.
  1. 'Elizabeth showed Aaron her lilac bushes, which she'd planted herself and nursed until they were hearty and all abloom.'
  2. 'Journey on where flowers stay abloom until each lover has cast his kisses on longing lips-parted like hills with deep valleys.'
  3. 'For those who like the darkest of red roses, Raven is always abloom with small, velvety red roses that grow in large clusters.'
  4. 'They were expected to stay abloom for about ten days.'
  5. 'Estelle was led to a quiet room overlooking the expansive green countryside all abloom with spring color and new life.'
  6. 'The desert is abloom with wild flowers.'
  7. 'In Billy and the Bather, for instance, she sets a young couple next to a lone tree abloom on a muted, pastel plain.'


adverb, adjective

1. in bloom; blossoming; flowering.