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Fit and healthy; not physically disabled.
  1. 'some areas of the garden are only accessible to the able-bodied'
  2. 'Benjamin says there's a certain fear as well as curiosity when able-bodied and disabled dancers meet.'
  3. 'It took the disabled shoppers two hours longer than their able-bodied counterparts to complete the same activities.'
  4. 'In the athletes' village, it is great to see that everyone treats the disabled athletes the same as an able-bodied person.'
  5. 'I appreciate that it is good for pupils to mix, both disabled and able-bodied, as this reflects the general public.'
  6. 'A new project - Crank it Up - wants to see more able-bodied and disabled people enjoying the benefits of cycling.'
  7. 'Disabled and able-bodied pupils got together for a dance and drama day.'
  8. 'Disabled people had the same rights and entitlements as able-bodied people.'
  9. 'Disabled and able-bodied children will now be able to enjoy the playground together because of its specially designed equipment.'
  10. 'There is a snag with this product for owners who have dependants living with them, be they able-bodied or disabled.'
  11. 'I wish traffic wardens would use as much enthusiasm when dealing with able-bodied people who use disabled parking places.'


1. having a strong, healthy body; physically fit: Every able-bodied young man served in the armed forces.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be ablebodied."