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Burning fiercely.
  1. as complement 'farm buildings were set ablaze'
  2. 'All the people in the building were rescued and within a very short time the whole place was utterly ablaze.'
  3. 'Three buses were also set ablaze, but no one was hurt.'
  4. 'Four shops and three small structures were set ablaze.'
  5. 'Nearly 10,000 cars were set ablaze with arson attacks against schools, police stations, gymnasiums, shops and businesses in poor suburbs across the country.'
  6. 'Lee awoke in the early hours of the morning to find the front of his house ablaze with fierce flames lapping against the bedroom window.'
  7. 'On Friday night 502 vehicles were set ablaze, the highest total for three days, and 206 people were arrested.'
  8. 'Mrs Gallagher's son had left the house shortly after 9.30 pm. and when he returned at 10.40 pm the entire building was ablaze.'
  9. 'Terrorists also set ablaze several residences.'
  10. 'Two of the vehicles were set ablaze in the attack while the third vehicle managed to escape.'
  11. 'Almost 3,000 acres of forest were ablaze just south of Emigrant Gap.'
  12. 'Festival lights are ablaze everywhere, and it's been raining nonstop for hours.'
  13. 'The room was suddenly ablaze with the bright golden rays of the sun, giving the room a more hotel - like appearance; orderly, attractive and impersonal.'
  14. 'Churches were ablaze with colour, and gold highlights glittered in the light of many candles.'
  15. 'Last Saturday on the dual carriageway I was overtaken by a speeding car all lights ablaze.'
  16. 'Dawn had set the eastern horizon ablaze when they set out southward again.'
  17. 'Once again the palace was ablaze with lights of all descriptions.'
  18. 'Nikolai waited for them in front of the building, whose curved face was ablaze with light.'
  19. 'He had only gone a short distance down the cross road, when a patrol car came skidding around the corner, its lights ablaze.'
  20. 'To our amazement a train suddenly appears, three lights ablaze.'
  21. 'Even at midnight, he reports, warehouses and other business locales around the airport are ablaze with lights.'
  22. 'His comment set the internet ablaze with speculation that the entire episode was a hoax.'
  23. 'The whole scene was ablaze with the most savage passions.'
  24. '"You don't have a damn clue what I mean," she hissed at him, her eyes ablaze.'
  25. 'Eyes ablaze, her mother murmured in harsh undertones.'
  26. 'Instead of being ablaze with revolt, the country was swept by a tide of reaction.'
  27. 'She whirled on him and her eyes were ablaze.'
  28. 'Today, his band is again getting ready to set the music charts ablaze with the launch of their new album.'
  29. 'He turned to face me, his eyes ablaze.'


1. burning; on fire: They set the logs ablaze.

2. gleaming with bright lights, bold colors, etc.

3. excited; eager; zealous; ardent.

4. very angry.

More examples(as adjective)

"cars can be ablaze in sections."

"vans can be ablaze outside stations."

"sumachs can be ablaze in brilliants."

"skylines can be ablaze in/at/on weekends."

"skylines can be ablaze with colours."

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