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Relating to the abdomen.
  1. 'Children with recurrent abdominal pain present a difficult conundrum for doctors.'
  2. 'Stool collects in the child's colon and rectum and may cause abdominal pain.'
  3. 'Girls with ovarian tumors may have abdominal pain and masses that can be felt in the abdomen.'
  4. 'The weight of the abdominal viscera and adipose tissue pressed on the diaphragm, resulting in decreased chest volume.'
  5. 'The adverse effects of iron tablets are mainly feeling sick, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation.'
  6. 'If perforation occurs in the stomach or intestines, fever and abdominal pain and tenderness may develop.'
  7. 'I once did a house call on a teenage boy with abdominal pain and nausea.'
  8. 'With treatment, his abdominal pain resolved and rectal bleeding ceased.'
  9. 'He was taken to hospital for emergency abdominal surgery.'
  10. 'Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by recurrent episodes of abdominal pain and discomfort and disturbed bowel habits.'


An abdominal muscle.
  1. 'Obliques are actually a separate muscle from the abdominals, but are usually worked along with the abs as part of the overall package.'
  2. 'I can boast coconut deltoids, pulsating pectorals, bulging biceps and six pack abdominals.'
  3. 'You'll train your abdominals and spine extensors to work simultaneously to maintain your lifted position as you move your top leg.'
  4. 'Your abdominals are, in fact, four separate muscle groups.'
  5. 'With abdominals tight and shoulder blades pulled back and down, bend knees and hinge forward without losing neutral back alignment.'
  6. 'The two went to work on her hamstrings, abdominals and back muscles.'
  7. 'More advanced students use their abdominals and thigh muscles to keep their legs extended.'
  8. 'Contract lower abdominals and lift left leg about two inches off floor.'
  9. 'Once airborne, use your hip flexors and abdominals to pull your knees as high as possible up to your chest so that they touch your hands.'
  10. 'Remember that abdominals are muscles, just like triceps, biceps, pecs and lats.'


1. of, in, on, or for the abdomen: abdominal wall; abdominal pains. noun

2. Usually, abdominals. Informal. the abdominal muscles.

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"pains can be abdominal."

"surgeries can be abdominal."

"muscles can be abdominal."

"walls can be abdominal."

"discomforts can be abdominal."

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