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The building or buildings occupied by a community of monks or nuns.
  1. 'They prayed for everyone in the abbey and the community at large.'
  2. 'He has attended several retreats at the abbey, run by the Catholic order of Benedictine monks.'
  3. 'And so it came about that it was Norman monks who established the abbey.'
  4. 'He has traveled around the world recruiting for his abbey's Catholic seminary.'
  5. 'Before it was a cathedral, back in medieval times, it was an abbey, Gerrie explains.'
  6. 'Æthelbald, king of Mercia, had a church built over his tomb, which later became the abbey of Crowland.'
  7. 'The Benedictine abbey is long gone but the eleventh-century church remains, and is one of the finest survivors of the Romanesque in France.'
  8. 'Friaries were occupied by friars, abbeys were headed by abbots, priories by priors.'
  9. 'He gained greater freedom in 1867 when the monastery was made an abbey and he was appointed abbot as well as a local bishop.'
  10. 'It has a long and glorious history - the earliest chandeliers date to before the Reformation, when they could be found in the cavernous interiors of medieval churches and abbeys across Europe.'
  11. 'Her designs can be seen in the cathedrals of St Albans, Exeter, Salisbury and Wells, Bath and Sherborne abbeys, and many churches around the country as well as two venues in America.'
  12. 'After his official welcome, both at the old abbey and the cathedral, he received the freedom of the city at the Town Hall.'
  13. 'On one of our last days we found ourselves in a church we'd never heard of, the abbey of Mozac near Clermont-Ferrand.'
  14. 'We do not have a cathedral or abbey and appear to be unable to look after the few historic and protected buildings that we have in the town, a town which most people seem to like and are proud of.'
  15. 'Among all the great places of worship in London - St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Southwark Cathedral - one of the best known is St. Martin-in-the-Fields.'
  16. 'Our cathedrals and abbeys are better looked after than ever.'
  17. 'William was crowned by Archbishop Ealdred on Christmas Day, in Edward's new abbey cathedral at Westminster.'

More definitions

1. a monastery under the supervision of an abbot or a convent under the supervision of an abbess.

2. the group of buildings comprising such a monastery or convent.

3. the church of an abbey.

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"nationals can be abbey."

"machines can be abbey."


Middle English: from Old French abbeie, from medieval Latin abbatia ‘abbacy’, from abbas, abbat- (see abbot).