Adjective "abaxial" definition and examples



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Facing away from the stem of a plant (in particular denoting the lower surface of a leaf).
  1. 'This method resulted in transparent replicas of the adaxial and abaxial leaf surface.'
  2. 'The two adaxial sepals are formed in succession, and the two abaxial petals become visible.'
  3. 'Adaxial and abaxial leaflet surfaces were observed using scanning electron microscopy.'
  4. 'The abaxial surface of the leaf was painted with nail varnish to obtain a transparent surface mould.'
  5. 'An undulating, thick cuticle covers a primary wall of the surface of abaxial epidermal cells.'


1. being or situated away from the axis: the abaxial surface of a leaf.

More examples(as adjective)

"surfaces can be abaxial."