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(of something unpleasant or severe) become less intense or widespread.
  1. 'Then, with your mind, think of calming the pain, easing it until it abates and is gone.'
  2. 'The company operates in a very competitive industry, with little sign of the competitive pressures abating.'
  3. 'The increase in September over the previous year was a dramatic 61.5% and there is no sign of this trend abating.'
  4. 'Patients should be observed in a closed ward setting until signs and symptoms abate.'
  5. 'The temperature dropped, the winds abated, and cool rains began to fall.'
  6. 'There was no sign of the rain abating and already the trench was half filled with stinking brown water.'
  7. 'The storm has not abated, not at all, and I look out one of the windows, and see that the snow is easily up to my waist.'
  8. 'When the storms abate, the uncertainties do not.'
  9. 'Most hot flashes are mild to moderate in intensity and usually abate over time without therapy.'
  10. 'As the economic recession abated, its relevance receded in popular culture.'
  11. 'nothing abated his crusading zeal'
  12. 'We did have, however, a small fuel leak, as I mentioned before, and it was abated using layers of foam.'
  13. 'Let's work on abating the mosquitoes in this environment.'
  14. 'It is clear that within the constraints imposed on them, the design team has done everything to ensure that community disruption is abated as much as possible.'
  15. 'In the same breath I say the government and police are the ones responsible for solving or abating the situation.'
  16. 'Surgery on the right ear diminished but did not completely abate her symptoms, so she underwent surgery on the left ear.'
  17. 'There is a need for a definitive course of action in order to abate this spiralling situation.'
  18. 'Surely winning comedy's biggest prize in 1995 must have abated this self-doubt?'
  19. 'You have abated my rage surpassingly well, and I do not see the need to revive it.'
  20. 'Widening numbness has abated the pain to his pelvis.'
  21. 'During the mid section of the morning I was able to abate my longing for biscuits by eating a slice of homemade fruit cake (courtesy of Welsh Dad Tony).'
  22. 'This defendant was required to abate the nuisance by noise identified in the abatement notice.'
  23. 'More likely, the city expended no energy abating weed nuisances there.'
  24. 'The Committee gave instructions to the electrical engineer to have the nuisance abated.'

More definitions

1. to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish: to abate a tax; to abate one's enthusiasm.

2. Law. to put an end to or suppress (a nuisance). to suspend or extinguish (an action). to annul (a writ).

3. to deduct or subtract: to abate part of the cost.

4. to omit: to abate all mention of names.

5. to remove, as in stone carving, or hammer down, as in metalwork, (a portion of a surface) in order to produce a figure or patt

More examples(as adjective)

"backs can be abated."

"assurances can be abated."


(abate)Middle English (in the legal sense): from Old French abatre ‘to fell’, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + batre ‘to beat’ (from Latin battere, battuere ‘to beat’).