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An abdominal muscle.
  1. 'With each of these exercises, keep your abs contracted, shoulder blades back and down.'
  2. 'I'm coached on how to bend down by contracting my abs and curving my rib cage in.'
  3. 'Nope, when you go to the gym you're thinking bigger biceps, chiseled chest, tighter abs.'
  4. 'She contracts her abs, curling her pelvis up and bringing her knees toward her chest.'
  5. 'To help achieve this position, contract your lower abs and tilt your pelvis forward.'
  6. 'He was not wearing a shirt at all, his biceps noticeably muscular and his 6-pack abs too.'
  7. 'She is into animal rights, she says, and a vegan and is pretty fit herself, she adds, demonstrating flexed forearms, biceps and abs.'
  8. 'Nothing gets more attention than a muscular body complete with exploding muscle and chiseled abs.'
  9. 'People find a muscular physique with great abs a very attractive and irresistible package.'
  10. 'Your back and hip muscles join in to assist your abs in holding your torso still as your legs move.'


A human blood type (in the ABO system) containing both the A and B antigens. In blood transfusion, a person with blood of this group is a potential universal recipient.

    Able seaman.
      Alberta (in official postal use).
        Bachelor of Arts.

          More definitions

          1. Av. Ab Symbol.

          1. Chemistry. alabamine.

          2. Immunology. antibody. AB

          1. Nautical. able seaman.

          2. airborne.

          3. U.S. Air Force. Airman Basic.

          4. Alberta, Canada (approved for postal use).

          5. antiballistic; antiballistic missile. AB Symbol, Physiology.

          1. a major blood group usually enabling a person whose blood is of this type to donate blood to persons of type AB and to receive blood from persons of type O, A, B, or AB.|

          More examples(as adjective)

          "initios can be ab."

          "cleanups can be ab."