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Definitions and examples


In good order or condition; all right.
  1. 'an A-OK sign'
  2. 'Since June 14, everything in Cleveland is A-OK.'
  3. '‘Yeah,’ I reply, straightening up and hastily brushing brownie crumbs off the front of my shirt, ‘I'm A-okay.’'
  4. 'Wide open highways on which I can drive 90 are A-okay, on the other hand.'
  5. 'This in itself is A-OK, but such countries run the risk of being sandbagged by protectionist tariffs initiated by neighbouring nations.'
  6. 'The pastor of the church we serve at is A-OK with it; he still supports me and can't see what the big deal is.'
  7. 'Which means that all the corporations that had the foresight to profit early from their disloyalty, depriving the government of $70 billion a year, are A-okay.'
  8. '‘On the surface everything is A-OK,’ says Marshall Wittman, a conservative analyst at the Hudson Institute.'
  9. 'All eye/forehead related stuff is A-OK, thanks for asking.'
  10. 'You've chaired three committees, so over time have you seen a pattern of repeated flaws in the systems, repeated assurances that the systems are A-OK?'
  11. 'Mortgages are bought and sold, debt is traded and passed down the line, the ‘carry trade’ keeps racking up profits and the numbers continue being shuffled to demonstrate that everything is A-OK.'


In a good manner or way; all right.
  1. 'But if you tell them you spent the money on consultants, that's A-okay.'
  2. 'The more he tries to project that everything is just A-OK, the more ridiculous he looks.'
  3. 'Which, to go full circle for a moment, is one of the reasons college hoops is doing A-OK.'
  4. 'However, steam comes out of the manholes in the street, and any city that offers this feature is automatically A-OK in my book.'
  5. 'But he does manage to work in the name ‘Wily Mo Pena,’ which is A-OK by us.'
  6. 'Assuming his back checks out A-OK, he will fan the most flames in the Hot Stove League.'
  7. 'And second excepting me to be happy A-OK about the whole thing!'
  8. 'So, the government robbing us for a service they do not provide is A-OK, but a company charging money for the sale of their own property is an ‘abuse of market power’.'


adjective, adverb

1. Informal. OK; perfect: an A-OK rocket launching.


(A-OK)1960s (originally an astronauts' term): from a ll systems OK.