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Great enthusiasm and energy.
  1. in singular 'she had a great zest for life'
  2. 'Chris was a beautiful, hopeful person, full of zest for life, full of caring for other people.'
  3. 'Her zest for life drew others to her, and she embraced them warmly.'
  4. 'We all have fond memories of Sharon and her zest for life and we hope that such memories will in some way console those who mourn her.'
  5. 'Sadly when Barbara died in 1982, Frankie lost his usual zest for life.'
  6. 'His zest for exploring new horizons made him choose neurosurgery at a time when the specialty was unknown in Asia.'
  7. 'The writer, it said, had been nicknamed ‘The Energizer’ by fellow inmates because of his boundless zest for life.'
  8. 'His obvious zest for performing shone through as he superbly sang his way through hit after hit from his number one album Justified.'
  9. 'I'm now filled with a sense of youthful naughtiness mixed with zest for life which I always get when I see evening through to sunrise.'
  10. 'Physically, he looks no older than any man who will be 70 in February, but the spark, the MacLeod zest for life, has painfully and obviously gone.'
  11. 'Minimum wage steals from you; it steals your youth and your zest for life.'
  12. 'Tiny strips of lime zest added an occasional extra tang to the mix.'
  13. 'The superb instrumental soloists added zest to the musical proceedings.'
  14. 'If we can learn to observe these flowers, we will be adding zest to our lives.'
  15. 'If you want to carry your drink savvy around, bring along a vermouth sprayer to add some zest to your gin.'
  16. 'It's as hilariously overdone as everything else in Mortal Kombat, and adds lots of extra zest to the battles.'
  17. 'The brief hiatus from Test cricket hasn't added too much zest to his bowling, but it seems to have revitalised Javagal Srinath the batsman.'
  18. 'In an attempt to add zest to the lineup, the carmaker ran a series of risqué minivan ads, including one hinting at wife-swapping.'
  19. 'Direction by Michael Lembeck adds zest and the appearance of camp icon Debbie Reynolds is the icing on the cake.'
  20. 'The choir master and choir sang beautifully, children gathered around the Holy Crib to sing their carols, and the brass band added zest.'
  21. 'The silly, high-pitched voice samples add a little extra zest to the already heated battles.'
The outer coloured part of the peel of citrus fruit, used as flavouring.
  1. 'For the lemon and caper sauce, on a cutting board, mince the lemon zest and capers and set aside.'
  2. 'Add the sugar then blitz for a minute or two until you can barely see the orange and lemon zest.'
  3. 'Place the orange zest, juice and lemon juice in a measuring jug.'
  4. 'Stir in the honey, tea, and zests until well combined.'
  5. 'Mix together the breadcrumbs, lemon zest, salt and pepper.'
  6. 'Whisk in cream, egg yolks, lemon zest, orange peel, almond extract and salt.'
  7. 'Place a portion of the salad on top and garnish with the julienned lemon zest.'
  8. 'The vanilla can be replaced by either lemon or orange zest.'
  9. 'Add the yogurt cheese, cream cheese, sugar, flour, lemon and orange zests.'
  10. 'In a container, combine the syrup, Lime leaf, and zests of the lemon, orange, and lime.'


Scrape off the outer coloured part of the peel of (a piece of citrus fruit) for use as flavouring.
  1. 'Zest the rind of a lemon to produce one teaspoon of zest.'
  2. 'Using a lemon zester, scrape the carrots to produce short pieces as you would if you were zesting a lemon.'
  3. 'I like to zest a lemon or an orange and toss that in the stuffing, maybe with just a small squeeze of the fruit as well.'
  4. 'Place the carrot and zested lemon rind in a bowl, then add lemon juice, olive oil, and currants.'
  5. 'I went back to the Hesser recipe and juiced the Meyer Lemons after zesting them.'
  6. 'As Max began zesting an orange for a batch of flapjacks, Almaz explained that while she enjoys cooking, she doesn't see herself working in the restaurant kitchen when she's older.'

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1. keen relish; hearty enjoyment; gusto.

2. an agreeable or piquant flavor imparted to something.

3. anything added to impart flavor, enhance one's appreciation, etc.

4. piquancy; interest; charm.

5. liveliness or energy; animating spirit.

6. the peel, especially the thin outer peel, of a citrus fruit used for flavoring: lemon zest. verb (used with object)

7. to give zest, relish, or piquancy to.


(zest)Late 15th century: from French zeste ‘orange or lemon peel’, of unknown origin.