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The earth, together with all of its countries and peoples.
  1. 'it's a wonderful world'
  2. 'The couple travelled the world together three years ago and fell in love with Asia.'
  3. 'The students come from all over the world, a wonderful combination of people.'
  4. 'It is truly wonderful to have a whole lot of girl-friends living in various parts of the world.'
  5. 'Oliver is hoping to climb his way into the history books by planting a flag at the summit of the world's tallest mountain.'
  6. 'Not all of these acts proved to be that useful later on, but it gave you the feeling you did your bit to save the world.'
  7. 'The sea connotes what the land is not, yet together they form the world's surfaces.'
  8. 'I thank them for going and sharing some time in that wonderful part of the world.'
  9. 'Using your bike for errands is a great way to do your little part to save the world.'
  10. 'However, only they can choose what to do and they have all chosen to try and save the world they live in.'
  11. 'There are many mountain ranges throughout the world, all of various ages and sizes.'
  12. 'On a more serious note, it would appear that the world as a whole is sinking deeper into poverty.'
  13. 'Africa cannot jump into a world market economy as quickly as it wants.'
  14. 'Yet the financial crisis has been so severe that its impact has disturbed the world economy as a whole.'
  15. 'On the contrary, the world economy as a whole is marked by slow growth and outright stagnation.'
  16. 'The fall in European growth rates has implications for the world economy as a whole.'
  17. 'We truly are entering one of the most important times in world history.'
  18. 'He never felt love and because of that, hated the world and the world hated him in return.'
  19. 'Am I first a woman and then a member of my society, community, world, or vice versa?'
  20. 'The collapse of the world economy was felt hardest amongst the working classes of the North East.'
  21. 'There are, of course, major differences between the European Union and the world as a whole.'
  22. 'a world superstar'
  23. 'It is the group's strategy to become one of the world leaders in the textile industry, he said.'
  24. 'He had his first race just two days after his sixth birthday at the world championship track near Swindon.'
  25. 'And the world number one gave one journalist short shrift when asked what was wrong with his game.'
  26. 'The squad fly out on Friday, with less than 24 hours to settle in before meeting the world champions.'
  27. 'He's the world knife-throwing champion - and he's about to throw those knives at me.'
  28. 'There are tournaments to play that move you up the world rankings and that's more important now.'
  29. 'He will take it on the chin and be back at the Crucible where I think he has at least another three or four chances to win back the world title.'
  30. 'Afterwards, the world number one was distinctly underwhelmed with the outcome.'
  31. 'They are the world champions and a class side, but if they are not quite on their game, that is when you can get at them.'
  32. 'Imagine how exciting it was to watch this British athlete set a world record and beat a world superstar.'
  33. 'It showed the planets as worlds - some greater, some less, than our earth - but all much vaster than the earth as she had been regarded in ancient times.'
  34. 'But the main purpose of this spacecraft will be to carry astronauts beyond our orbit to other worlds.'
  35. 'The research may eventually be applied to remove radiation belts around the Earth and other worlds, reducing the hazards of the space environment.'
  36. 'Astronomers are finding new worlds by the dozen - settling one ancient debate and sparking a multitude of others.'
  37. 'There has been an explosion in the number of astronomers scanning the skies for the telltale wobble of distant worlds.'
  38. 'At the beginning of the twenty-first century, people are excited by the prospect of visiting new worlds in outer space.'
  39. 'Someday solar sails might be used to send astronauts to new worlds around other stars.'
  40. 'Intriguingly, this class of worlds includes the Martian moons, from which fully reversible Mars missions could ultimately be staged.'
  41. 'The asteroids are tiny worlds that should have clumped together to form another major planet.'
  42. 'By studying alien worlds, such as Venus, Mars or Saturn's moon Titan, we can place our own world in context.'
A particular region or group of countries.
  1. 'But in the developed, Western world, the feasting periods are no longer interspersed with famines.'
  2. 'Rather different number systems were used simultaneously in the Arabic world over a long period of time.'
  3. 'The range of swear words in the modern English-speaking world is tiny, as you know.'
  4. 'Secondly, not all of the developed western world might be seen as civilised.'
  5. 'Have you ever seen an Arab world as divided as it is right now?'
  6. 'Croatia is actually located in Central Europe, but it has bridged the Eastern and Western worlds throughout its history.'
  7. 'In many parts of the Western world the media still describe this as the only safe route to peace and stability.'
  8. 'the ancient world'
  9. 'In the ancient and classical worlds, capital tended to be drawn into cities from the surrounding regions, so that they could become wealthier even in the absence of economic growth.'
  10. 'I sometimes imagine that I see certain parallels between modern Aotearoa and the historical worlds of that other boot-shaped nation, Italy.'
  11. 'the animal world'
  12. 'This phenomenon is widespread, occurring in nearly all the major taxa of the plant, animal, and microbial worlds.'
  13. 'She is equally trapped between animal and human worlds.'
  14. 'But first, they must learn the rules of both the animal and the human worlds.'
  15. 'The mineral, vegetable, and animal worlds do exactly what they're created to do.'
  16. 'There is a close relationship in Scripture between the animal world and the demonic.'
  17. 'On examination, it reveals a coded significance, uniting the worlds of animals, birds, humans and demigods, proposing itself as an image of the universe.'
  18. 'The tiger's immense power and strength give it an aura unmatched in the animal world.'
  19. 'The presenter uses amusing approaches to introduce children to the animal world.'
  20. 'Then she takes that a step further by pretty much banning any human interference in the animal world.'
  21. 'There also seems to be little evidence of genuine teaching in the animal world.'
  22. 'the news shocked the football world'
  23. 'So he pursued his dream, by entering the theatre world and then going on to the big screen.'
  24. 'It happens in the football world but it's one of those things you keep quiet about.'
  25. 'He is easily transported back to his playing days and into a football world vastly different from today's.'
  26. 'Ken, whose background is in media and publishing in the commercial and academic worlds, now employs three full-time staff and a number of part-time staff.'
  27. 'He decided the theatre world was a good place to trawl not only for people with money but also for girls.'
  28. 'The theatre world found this extremely amusing, although the actor reputedly did not.'
  29. 'It's only a matter of time before he is forced to leave his boyhood club and has the football world at his feet.'
  30. 'They're all hot, contemporary artists who are taking the art world by storm.'
  31. 'In his biography, he comes across as a person comfortably astride various worlds: theatre, painting, books and film.'
  32. 'Someone from outside will have a different experience of the football world.'
  33. 'It came as such a shock, and our worlds literally fell in.'
  34. 'She's the center of his whole world.'
  35. 'She drove slowly because the sudden collapse of her whole world was affecting the steadiness of her hands.'
Human and social interaction.
  1. 'I may have been naïve, but even I knew a little about the way the world worked.'
  2. 'It is a fundamental dispute about the way the world works and what our role in it should be.'
  3. 'For without a contrast model the world has no way to know or feel the oddness of its dependence on power for survival.'
  4. 'These are serious blows to our sense of who we are, what we expect of the world and of our interactions with others.'
  5. 'Autism cuts off its sufferers from the world by impairing social skills and imaginative development.'
  6. 'Every artist looks at the world in a definite social manner, whether he or she knows it or not.'
  7. 'He is constantly frustrated by his inability to change the way the world works more quickly and radically.'
  8. 'Children use toys to imagine the world and to interact with it, learning skills that will be of value in later life.'
  9. 'It seems to be a connector or a medium between the materialistic world and the spiritual world.'
  10. 'The concept of Hell as a literal place has declined in an increasingly secular world.'
  11. 'The militantly secular world is also keenly alert to the challenge of the Passion.'
  12. 'I know who I am, and I know that I can only be myself, because that is the only thing I will carry out of this world, my soul.'
  13. 'Then the oxygen machine arrived, the pain medications increased, and my mother slipped out of this world and into the next.'

More definitions

1. the earth or globe, considered as a planet.

2. (often initial capital letter) a particular division of the earth: the Western world.

3. the earth or a part of it, with its inhabitants, affairs, etc., during a particular period: the ancient world.

4. humankind; the human race; humanity: The world must eliminate war and poverty.

5. the public generally: The whole world knows it.

6. the class of persons devoted to the affairs, interests, or pursuits of this life: The world

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