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Covered or saturated with water or another liquid.
  1. 'You can also cover them with wet towels or sheets and fan them until it is possible to get them to a hospital or doctor.'
  2. 'Her outfit is utterly sopping wet and covered with sludge; after all, she had to cut across more than a few people's backyard to get here.'
  3. 'I told my son to get my garden gloves, and then we covered ourselves in wet towels and got her out but by then it was too late.'
  4. 'I'm noticing that the floor is wet - entirely covered in dark liquid.'
  5. 'Sarah was cold and her clothes where wet and covered in mud.'
  6. 'My little brother Andrew stopped in mid-step and wiped his mouth still wet with water, as the adults looked at him in absolute surprise.'
  7. 'The cages were covered with wet marsh grass to minimize mortality from desiccation and heat stress during the lowtide period.'
  8. 'Tears slipped down his cheeks leaving wet splotches on the cover.'
  9. 'The main type of central heating system is wet - where hot water is circulated through pipes and goes to radiators with valves that control the amount of time it spends there.'
  10. 'Use of a wet towel or dripping water to induce a perception of suffocating.'
  11. 'a wet, windy evening'
  12. 'Staking or supporting early in the growing season is best and can help direct plant growth, encourage better flower displays and prevent damage during wet and windy weather.'
  13. 'About 10,000 people braved wet and windy weather to attend the ceremony at the Margraten cemetery in the southern Netherlands.'
  14. 'The weather was wet, but visibility was still good.'
  15. 'It will be mainly dry for a time on Wednesday, with sunny spells, but wet and windy weather will develop later.'
  16. 'But normally if the weather was wet, my Lord, no you wouldn't have done it satisfactorily at all.'
  17. 'Luck they had indoor entertainment as weather was extremely wet and windy.'
  18. 'Despite wet and windy weather last week, the vehicle terminal at the port here reached a new record, handling 37 containers per working hour.'
  19. 'The weather is fairly wet but so far has not been very cold which is a good thing.'
  20. 'wind is important in spreading diseases: for example bacterial blight is spread in wet, windy weather.'
  21. 'Sometimes they were sent them home early if the weather was too wet, but only once did they get sent home because it was too hot!'
  22. 'The wall was splayed with fresh graffiti and the post was dripping with wet spray paint.'
  23. 'You can also use the cleaner for wet paint on clothing, but launder clothes immediately after application.'
  24. 'While the paint and paper are still wet, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the painted section, making sure the wrap is wrinkled.'
  25. 'Oil paint is a wet mixture of pigments in an oily medium.'
  26. 'It remains to be seen whether the glitter will stay stuck to the prints as I just sprinkled it onto the wet ink.'
  27. 'Painting into wet plaster with water soluble pigments is one of the most difficult of all challenges a painter can face.'
  28. 'The one working on the side seemed to comb the wet plaster into horizontal furrows, while the one working on the back preferred a smooth finish.'
  29. 'This led me to use only pencil and ballpoint pens and to slip in a piece of kitchen towel to soak up wet ink.'
  30. 'The sign, on the front step of the home in London Road, Benfleet, had been placed there to warn people about wet paint on the newly decorated front door.'
  31. 'Like wet plaster of Paris hardening in a glass jar, salt crystals that have incorporated water can also expand to crack their container.'
  32. 'the baby was wet and needed changing'
  33. 'I believe there is no baby there, but I'm willing to have a wet infant hauled into view.'
  34. 'They have to stay in a wet nappy longer and wear clothes with food down the front.'
  35. 'wet methods of photography'
  36. 'Consider the following precautions when selecting a wet cleaning method.'
  37. 'Kistler was trying to prove that a gel contains a continuous solid network of the same size and shape as the wet gel.'
  38. 'Another solution to this problem is to use wet methods or ‘dustless’ vacuum tools.'
Showing a lack of forcefulness or strength of character; feeble.
  1. 'they came across as the most liberal or wet members of the government'
  2. 'I think there's a good chunk of wet liberal New Labour angst behind it all.'
  3. 'As a died-in-the-wool wet liberal, I'm coming from an altogether different place than Mr. Philips.'
  4. 'The wet Liberals are a pathetic and spineless bunch who are wholly subservient to government discipline and their own ambition in equal measure.'
(of a country or region or of its legislation) allowing the free sale of alcoholic drink.


    Cover or touch with liquid; moisten.
    1. 'it was a velvet cap, and a wetting would ruin it'
    2. 'Sand was deposited by wind or water, and briefly wetted by liquid water that evaporated, forming the sulfate cement.'
    3. 'Franklin would pump the treadle, wet his fingers, and stroke the rims of the bowls, almost as if playing notes on the piano.'
    4. 'He uses a drip irrigation system to avoid wetting the leaves, which could promote the growth of fungi.'
    5. 'Concerned, I checked it and found that it only wet the cover over the pillow and did not seep to the pillow itself.'
    6. 'After the application of the repellent, subjects were instructed not to rub, touch, or wet the treated arm.'
    7. 'Seconds later, He wet his finger and stuck it in the ear of an unsuspecting TV reporter.'
    8. 'Her short black hair had been carefully wetted down, and her usual leathers covered the intense fighter's form.'
    9. 'She wetted the tip of her finger, counted out five tens and dropped them into the metal money scoop.'
    10. 'Paddy, after a little thought and wet his finger and smudged the trunk of each of the trees.'
    11. 'He screwed up his eyes and studied the clouds, wet a finger and held it up, picked a blade of grass and felt it between finger and thumb, smelt it.'
    12. 'His outbursts of anger were so frightening, one of his fellow teachers said, that two children had wet their pants.'
    13. 'Having large amounts of liquid before going to bed can make most children wet the bed.'
    14. 'If your child still wets the bed regularly, ask the doctor about ways to help decrease this behavior.'
    15. 'She said Luke had become withdrawn since the bullying, preferring to stay indoors, sleeping till late in the afternoon and wetting the bed regularly.'
    16. 'Estimates are that 20 per cent of all five-year-olds wet the bed.'
    17. 'At five years, more than one in six children still wet the bed.'
    18. 'We find children who are wetting their beds and haven't done it before.'
    19. 'One in ten children is still wetting the bed by the age of five.'
    20. 'Alison said one of her children recently wet the bed, so they had to spend the night on the sofa and floor.'
    21. 'My six-year-old daughter has started wetting the bed.'
    22. 'she was going to wet herself from fear'
    23. 'He said his client became uncooperative at the police station after she was stopped from using the toilet and suffered the humiliation of wetting herself in front of officers.'
    24. 'I manage to cope with the indignity well, despite the patients and nurses almost wetting themselves with laughter at the sight of me squirming as the needle is inserted.'
    25. 'Thankfully when the doctor tried to set my bones I conveniently wet myself and passed out with the pain.'
    26. 'It's usually the last words you hear before the punch lands, your head hits the floor and you wet yourself with fear.'
    27. 'Panic stations alerted, so I soused it avec water, and was sat there wetting myself while trying to dry it with the hairdryer.'
    28. 'Sky almost wets herself with glee when he enters the classroom.'
    29. 'For the last two years, I've been wetting myself when I laugh.'
    30. 'He had to wear a bag attached to his penis for fear of wetting himself because he could not say he wanted the toilet.'
    31. 'I even remember almost wetting myself once because I wouldn't use the school toilets after I'd heard the tale about the old care-taker who haunted the place.'
    32. 'You can well imagine a young lad, his first time in battle, wetting himself with fear.'


    Liquid that makes something damp.
    1. 'There's far too much wet around and I think it's softened my brain.'
    2. 'We run together down windows, streaming and sobbing and smashed into one big wet.'
    3. 'His head was down and his ears back, his coat somewhat darker with the wet.'
    A person lacking forcefulness or strength of character.
    1. 'the wets favoured a change in economic policy'
    2. 'Margaret Thatcher used the re-shuffle as an act of terror, exterminating wets and savaging useful fall guys.'
    3. 'Tory wets will enthuse about social justice and inclusivity like simpering liberals.'
    4. 'Andretti in the wet on Sunday scored wins in the Skip Barber National double-header at Road'
    5. 'For many people it was the death of Liberalism as prominent wets left soon after.'
    6. 'On screen, their national spokesmen and women smile charmingly and portray themselves as decent people who may be a bit wet but are unlike the other politicians.'
    7. 'The outspoken wet in a dry, dry Liberal Party was fronting the official celebrations for this week's centenary of female suffrage.'
    A person opposed to the prohibition of alcohol.


      1. moistened, covered, or soaked with water or some other liquid: wet hands.

      2. in a liquid form or state: wet paint.

      3. characterized by the presence or use of water or other liquid.

      4. moistened or dampened with rain; rainy: Wet streets make driving hazardous.

      5. allowing or favoring the sale of alcoholic beverages: a wet town.

      6. characterized by frequent rain, mist, etc.: the wet season.

      7. laden with a comparatively high percent of moisture

      More examples(as adjective)

      "places can be wet in/at/on centuries."

      "dates can be wet in/at/on centuries."

      "wildscapes can be wet for cultivations."

      "weathers can be wet in/at/on weeks."

      "trunkses can be wet in films."

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      Old English wǣt (adjective and noun), wǣtan (verb); related to water.


      all wet
      wet the baby's head
      wet behind the ears
      wet through (or to the skin)
      wet one's whistle