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  1. 'the lyrics are a wee bit too sweet and sentimental'
  2. 'Our bedroom, you have to understand, is tiny and wee.'
  3. 'He was ‘a wee bit apprehensive’ about coming to Lanarkshire with his wife and two-year-old son, only because it meant having to find a church he was happy with.'
  4. 'I went down each morning to say my hellos to the pigs and the people: cute little wee black piglets and mighty great boars and snufflers.'
  5. 'We'd get into extremely competitive games when I was wee.'
  6. 'Now wait on a minute, I'm not suggesting anything even a wee bit subversive.'
  7. 'Now it might sound a wee bit cynical to suggest the board waited until it had the mandate to demutualise before it told members they wouldn't be getting quite as much as expected.'
  8. 'From a personal point of view, I would say I'm a wee bit jealous.'
  9. 'And, if I'm being honest, I just hope that I can perform that wee bit better than everybody else.'
  10. 'He wonders if I am not being just a wee bit hypocritical in my praise of honest, humble work.'
  11. '‘The injury had been troubling him for a wee while,’ said Williamson.'


  1. 'So I live on the 6th floor of a block of council flats reached by a lift which is always out of order and always smells of wee.'
  2. 'More often than not, it's just a splash from the previous flush, but sometimes it's wee.'
  3. 'Actually, thinking back, it was the lady standing next to me that almost certainly smelled of cat wee.'
  4. 'It was the smell of poo and wee, not the smell of death.'
  5. 'I'm worried that at some point, someone's got the purpose of those two rooms mixed up, as the stench of wee in the kitchen is unbelievable.'
  6. 'I went in for a wee'
  7. '‘We were miles from anywhere and I needed a wee,’ she told him.'
  8. 'Well, you won't have your stickers until you've had a wee.'
  9. 'Every so often they stopped and everybody got off and had a wee on the side of the road.'
  10. 'We kept walking, stopping off at a fast-food place to have a wee in their loo.'
  11. 'After I finished off my wee, I turned round to see him watching me and waiting for an answer to his question.'
  12. 'After about mile six I did think that I maybe needed a wee, but I wasn't prepared to risk giving up the 30 seconds or so that this might add on to my time.'
  13. 'At home, I tend not to let her have anything to drink after 7 pm and then lift her so she can have a wee at about 12 midnight.'
  14. 'Desperate for a wee, he did two laps of the living room barking his shins and becoming increasingly panicky before finally locating the light switch and making good his escape.'
  15. 'Well, he had a wee, but then when I went to pick him up, he thought I was playing and started running about the place, and at one point tried climbing the fence.'


  1. 'During my first night an old lady spent the whole night weeing on the floor and running round my bed touching me.'
  2. 'Well, no sooner was the nappy off than she began to wee, and just as I had that covered, she began another frothy poo.'
  3. 'My lunch companion had never seen a man weeing before and was delighted.'
  4. 'I was getting really worried that he might wee in the taxi and I'd get a horrendous bill to pay for the car to be cleaned, so I let him out one more time and went out with him.'
  5. 'Who wants to go down town and see all the dirt and the filth, and the drunks, people spitting and weeing and defecating, which they do.'
  6. 'And one of them has managed to wee on the floor rather than where they should.'
  7. 'Another time I was watching a doctor examine a baby which started weeing.'
  8. 'After having a dozen medical persons gaze at your intimate parts while you push out a baby and wee all over yourself, you become nonchalant about minor matters such as the wind blowing your skirt up.'
  9. 'Their social life may be suffering too, if the cat's weeing all over the house.'
  10. 'The hamster had a habit of backing against the bars and weeing over the edge, onto the carpet.'
  11. 'It might take longer for boys to learn, especially as they also have to master weeing while standing up.'


1. little; very small.

2. very early: in the wee hours of the morning.

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"bits can be wee."

"people can be wee."

"whiles can be wee."

"pohs can be wee."

"hours can be wee."

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1930s: imitative.