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Of or at a fairly or comfortably high temperature.
  1. as complement 'I walked quickly to keep warm'
  2. 'The warm temperatures and surplus of talented winemakers makes this the most likely platform from which Viognier can launch.'
  3. 'Is somebody at the BBC's pictures desk suffering from over-heating due to the sudden unseasonably warm temperatures?'
  4. 'The season was still fairly warm, and he said he needed his kayak (which had been captured with him).'
  5. 'Mr Schroder said warm currents and high temperatures were causing the blooms, which may cause skin rashes and eye or ear infections.'
  6. 'Families will love both its warm temperatures and warm personalities of the locals.'
  7. 'The sun is shining brightly, the sky is it's own beautiful shade of blue and the day is fairly warm.'
  8. 'The kids in my neighborhood played Kick the Can on warm summer evenings and I did fairly well at that.'
  9. 'The brown wheat mite will be active in the fall and in the spring until temperatures are consistently warm in late April or May.'
  10. 'The weather here is still very warm and very comfortable in the evenings.'
  11. 'With relatively little snow and temperatures which are warm enough, runners can avoid excessive indoor track training.'
  12. 'When chill in the air touches the bone, the body yearns to snuggle into warm clothing.'
  13. 'I get up, pull on warm clothes, and make my way slowly back to my hummock.'
  14. 'The dark blue sweater was still warm from Jim's body heat and felt good against the night's chill.'
  15. 'Hugging the warm clothes, Daphne sits on the bed, dazed at the turn of events.'
  16. 'Winter visits will require the addition of warm clothing, rain-proof jackets and an umbrella.'
  17. 'But this time Reed told the guard to forget the gag and to give her warm clothes.'
  18. 'The City petrol vehicle stands parked in one corner, the policemen over stacked with warm clothes play cards in the back seat of the vehicle.'
  19. 'We knew what we needed: sleeping bags, warm clothes, a raincoat, food, and money.'
  20. 'They also are being advised to carry warm clothes, food, water, boots, a torch and a spade.'
  21. 'Some of the women had come to the meeting dressed for a social gathering, not in warm clothes, but we decided that was what we were going to do.'
  22. 'Coliform bacteria is most likely to be found during periods of wet weather when the soil is warm.'
  23. 'They'll germinate and plants will get established much faster in warm soils.'
  24. 'Mulching once the soil is warm is very useful in conserving soil moisture.'
  25. 'With my warm soil, the peas grew well, even under thick mulches of newspapers weighted down by horse bedding.'
  26. 'Sunlight passes through the plastic and heats the soil, which stays warm.'
  27. 'This water is warmed by direct contact with the hose or the warm soil adjacent to the hose.'
  28. 'The supply of nitrogen and sulfur from the soil will return to normal once the soil is warm.'
  29. 'Chaetomium strumarium is a fungus common in warm soil and on plant debris.'
Having or showing enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.
  1. 'a warm welcome'
  2. 'We all gave them very warm, loud and enthusiastic Southern California welcome.'
  3. 'People are very friendly over here and they honour their guests with a warm welcome.'
  4. 'In fact, when people understand why refugees come here the welcome is generally warm and friendly.'
  5. 'Successful tourism for this country should begin there with smiles and warm welcomes.'
  6. 'They were nearly always together on social occasions and the warm smile and friendly handshake was part of every greeting.'
  7. 'Despite a warm welcome from golfers, caddies were less enthusiastic.'
  8. 'All those who knew her and especially those many who gained so much from her tuition, warm friendship and generous kindness will miss her very much indeed.'
  9. 'Catherine was a lovely lady, kind natured and had a warm welcome for her friends.'
  10. 'A regular visitor to the station, the Mayor commended Julie for always greeting him with a warm welcome and a smile.'
  11. 'But it sure was a far cry from the civility and warm kindness he showed me during that other party.'
  12. 'if there is anything a little too warm in the play, it can easily be left out'
(of a colour) containing red, yellow, or orange tones.
  1. 'What with all the multi-shades of warm colours of a mop of hair, and funky dressing with an apron shoved on top.'
  2. 'The warm colour of the wood gave the room a sensual feel, but neither really realized.'
  3. 'The narrow entrance hall leads to a larger reception hall decorated in warm colours, with light coming from a glass and pine door.'
  4. 'Dramatic floral prints in rose or orange blossom add a splash of warm colour to whites and neutrals.'
  5. 'The bedroom was decorated in warm hues, and was designed to cheer a person up.'
  6. 'With its attractive decor, warm colour schemes and super location, this is likely to appeal to young families.'
  7. 'The dark wood is complemented by the walls, which are part-papered in warm beige tones.'
  8. 'In the midst of winter, nature provides us with warm colours of orange and reds to give the impression of warmth.'
  9. 'I've chosen a warm beige/brown colour, the name escapes me, but it had Kenya in the title and I thought that quite apt.'
  10. 'Colours are powdered pastels, warm naturals, primary colours and unusual accents.'
(of a scent or trail) fresh; strong.
  1. 'Sighing deeply, Adam caught the long remembered scent of warm pine pitch and dust.'
  2. 'It had warm aromas of prunes, cocoa and caramel, which brought out the flavors of the chocolate cake wonderfully.'
  3. 'From the kitchen came other warm scents from the foods that were being prepared.'
  4. 'Lucas like the ocean, pear scented ocean, warm and strong to take him away.'
  5. 'I smell the warm aroma of delicious fresh dung seeping through the heap.'


Make or become warm.
  1. figurative 'the film warmed our hearts'
  2. 'It warms your heart and makes you smile to think that there is hope that these two could become friends in addition to being brothers.'
  3. 'It's pretty predictable, but there is one phrase in the article that warms my heart.'
  4. 'As it stands, it's a flawed but still engaging film that should warm the hearts of more adventurous filmgoers.'
  5. 'It can stir up strong emotions from the first notes heard, driving even the coldest of people to warm their hearts.'
  6. 'As the oceans and ground warm up, they warm the air next to them, and this air warms the air a little higher up and so on.'
  7. 'It warms your heart more deeply than the standard holiday treacle, but this is, all the same, an intelligent, humane, funny and sorrowful Christmas treat.'
  8. 'But all that aside, I think this film warmed my heart more than anything I've seen in a long time.'
  9. 'The idea of Jesse warms my heart immensely and gives me some happiness when I otherwise would feel lonely and bitter.'
  10. 'And that fire warms the pages of fantasy literature so much that tress whisper and rivers weep.'
  11. 'Just don't let it warm your heart so much that you let your anger cool.'
  12. 'I'll warm your bum if you don't come here this instant'


A warm place or area.
  1. 'She took one pace forward into the gale and six paces back into the warm.'
  2. 'Apart from a quick dash in the morning to put the trash out by the gate and another this evening to grab beer from the fridge in the garage, we stayed home in the warm.'
  3. 'he had a cup of tea and a warm by the kitchen range'


    1. having or giving out a moderate degree of heat, as perceived by the senses: a warm bath.

    2. of or at a moderately high temperature; characterized by comparatively high temperature: a warm oven; a warm climate; a warm summer.

    3. having a sensation of bodily heat: to be warm from fast walking.

    4. conserving or maintaining warmth or heat: warm clothes.

    5. (of colors) suggestive of warmth; inclining toward red or orange rather than toward green or blue

    More examples(as adjective)

    "winters can be warm in places."

    "people can be warm in waters."

    "people can be warm in arms."

    "people can be warm at nights."

    "uniteds can be warm towards places."

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    Old English wearm (adjective), werman, wearmian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German warm, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin formus ‘warm’ and Greek thermos ‘hot’.


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