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Different from one another; of different kinds or sorts.
  1. 'his grievances were many and various'
  2. 'Koi carp found in the UK come in various colours, but are always bright and distinctive.'
  3. 'We involved women from various parts of the County and from different walks of life.'
  4. 'There are various types of eczema, with slightly different causes and symptoms.'
  5. 'At the desk Cassie and Sally filled out various forms.'
  6. 'The various antibiotics in each group differ by the nature of one or two side chains.'
  7. 'To address this, an instructor must use various teaching methods to capture as many students as possible.'
  8. 'You need to do is work out what might happen under the various different scenarios.'
  9. 'Further studies are needed to help differentiate between the various possibilities.'
  10. 'The term is used in several different ways and can be applied to various art forms.'
  11. 'There are many mountain ranges throughout the world, all of various ages and sizes.'
  12. 'Faces in the Crowd offers a wonderfully various and intelligently chosen spread of images.'
  13. 'Their environments are locally various and the types of cattle are often divided from each other by the topography of the country.'

determiner & pronoun

More than one; individual and separate.
  1. as pronoun 'various of her friends had called'
  2. 'Early fears of waterlogging and flooding in various of the venue's marquees proved unfounded.'
  3. 'Why are interpretations by various astrologers so different for the same forecast period?'
  4. 'The hatches covering the various access points into the hull stood invitingly open.'
  5. 'Like others I am also a member of various community groups and charities all of which are unpaid.'
  6. 'In short, since then she's been involved in drink, drugs and various other activities.'
  7. 'Other donations have been made to various disaster funds and local people and causes.'
  8. 'He has been unavailable due to various other commitments, including his wedding.'
  9. 'We may be led to believe that there is fierce rivalry between the various drug companies.'
  10. 'Cannabis does not have to be smoked; one can cook with it and use it in various other ways.'
  11. 'All this adds up to a balanced feel while driving the car in various road conditions.'


1. of different kinds, as two or more things; differing one from another: Various experiments have not proved his theory.

2. marked by or exhibiting variety or diversity: houses of various designs.

3. presenting or having many different qualities or aspects: a woman of various talent.

4. having a variety of colors; varicolored.

5. different from each other; dissimilar.

6. variant.

7. numerous; many: living at various hotels.

8. individual (in a group, class, kind,

More examples(as adjective)

"motives can be various as gifts."

"makings can be various as makings."

"ways can be various."

"parts can be various."

"groups can be various."

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Late Middle English: from Latin varius ‘changing, diverse’ + -ous.