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Expressed, done, or acting without proper consideration of the consequences.
  1. '‘We're not all unthinking stereotypes just because we've got older,’ she points out.'
  2. 'Fourthly, there are those who protest out of some kind of violent instinct, who find pleasure in unthinking acts of fury.'
  3. 'Pearls of wisdom leave our mouths every day in an unthinking and mechanical manner.'
  4. 'For years, she'd entertained an unthinking prejudice against everyone who used them.'
  5. 'Every Western intervention is automatic and unthinking, it seems, except a human rights intervention.'
  6. 'Even automatic, unthinking actions are to a degree socially-conditioned, as Pavlov and Skinner have demonstrated.'
  7. 'It makes you an unthinking automaton, who will rapidly be shunned by society for your heartless or underwhelming response to everything.'
  8. 'None of the foregoing is to suggest that I expect you to behave like an unthinking, insensitive automaton in responding to my request for your help.'
  9. 'There are no agencies over here to help unthinking people get their unwisely spent money back.'
  10. 'These unthinking and careless actions by the Premier did no more than to incite and inflame thus creating more danger for those police officers.'


1. thoughtless; heedless; inconsiderate: an unthinking, tactless person.

2. indicating lack of thought or reflection: a dull, unthinking expression on his face.

3. not endowed with the faculty of thought: unthinking matter.

4. not exercising thought; not given to reflection: This book will not profit an unthinking person.

5. not thinking; unmindful: chores done in an unthinking manner.

More examples(as adjective)

"uses can be unthinking."

"ideas can be unthinking."

"aficionadoses can be unthinking."

"responses can be unthinking."

"proliferations can be unthinking."

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