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Having little or no solidity, reality, or factual basis.
  1. 'Yet, it would be easy to dismiss this collection of poetic blues/folk for something totally unsubstantial.'
  2. 'Public opinion has also been critical of the Annual Session and its unsubstantial agenda.'
  3. 'It is also refers to unsubstantial talk or writing.'
  4. 'A film director, according to this thinking, selects a ‘challenging’ work out of a box from which he or she might just as well choose something frothy and unsubstantial.'
  5. 'Occassionally the formula slips into pure atmosphere and unsubstantial blur, but on the bulk of the tracks this is a slow-swinging, quietly edgy experiment from a multi-talented fusioneer.'
  6. 'This scenario was as unsubstantial as most of the claims made by campaign groups about the potential danger that anthrax could be easily used as a bio-weapon.'
  7. 'In comparison, I seemed small and unsubstantial.'
  8. 'Reality in this world seemed so strange, inconsistent and unsubstantial to him as he felt confusion welling inside him.'
  9. 'I think she's like her husband in that she can absorb a lot of information and then come through with very glib unsubstantial notions that don't work.'
  10. 'It's a waste of calories in an unsubstantial meal.'


1. not substantial; having no foundation in fact; fanciful; insubstantial: an unsubstantial argument; unsubstantial hopes.

2. without material substance: an unsubstantial ghost.

3. lacking material substance; materially paltry: an unsubstantial dinner of bread and cheese.

4. lacking strength or solidity; flimsy: an unsubstantial wall of cardboard.

More examples(as adjective)

"rallyses can be unsubstantial."

"rallies can be unsubstantial."

"deaths can be unsubstantial."

"analyses can be unsubstantial."