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Likely to give way; not stable.
  1. 'Just inside the entrance many large rocks had fallen and lots of loose rubble, indicating that the entrance was unstable and prone to rock falls.'
  2. 'The last remaining member of the Hail family rose from her seat, balancing precariously on unstable legs.'
  3. 'Even when it was discovered that the land was unstable and prone to landslide, the squatters remained.'
  4. 'Due to natural erosion the cliff was inherently unstable, and there had been at least two landslips on the authority's land.'
  5. 'Conditions in the mine were so unstable that rescue workers could not enter the shaft to retrieve the bodies for almost 24 hours.'
  6. 'Unfortunately, there are not enough of the biggest bricks which means that the cross section of the tower is only one lego element wide at the top and very unstable.'
  7. 'Yet this one is so poorly made that the mast at sea would have twisted, making the ship unstable and difficult to control.'
  8. 'However it was found to be geologically unstable and would likely blow itself to ashes in about six cycles.'
  9. 'Construction of drilled piles in unstable soil is difficult because soil can contaminate the pile.'
  10. 'Luckily, it caught a jar full of pencils, already unstable and perched precariously on the edge of the desk.'
  11. 'an unstable government'
  12. 'Experts have said that the unstable exchange rate created difficulties in reaching debt restructuring agreements.'
  13. 'Wahid, at the head of an unstable multi-party coalition, is attempting a precarious political balancing act.'
  14. 'The problem is from the ground up it's a very unstable technology in terms of specifications.'
  15. 'Without citizens who possess these qualities, democracies become difficult to govern, even unstable.'
  16. 'The conditions of patients admitted to the trauma room are usually unstable and critical.'
  17. 'The economy is unstable and unpredictable, and people have to adapt to many changes to survive.'
  18. 'He said that the difficulties also led to the highly unstable domestic prices and deterioration in living conditions.'
  19. 'Political fragmentation has been a problem, and coalitions between parties have been unstable.'
  20. 'However, you could be forgiven for thinking that the future for competitive operators looks highly uncertain and unstable.'
  21. 'At the same time, the incomes - and jobs - they do have are far more unstable than they were a few decades ago.'
  22. 'When one is emotionally unstable, alcohol inhibits the ability to confront and solve problems.'
  23. 'So I didn't want to open the door to the mental hospital, but I was forced to because of her unstable state.'
  24. 'Leading up to her death, the weeks before her death, many people seemed to think she was mentally unstable.'
  25. 'A hitman is assigned to kidnap the mentally unstable younger brother of a powerful district attorney.'
  26. 'We are expecting that the western media will portray him a crazy or an unstable person - he was the opposite.'
  27. 'If Khouri is as mentally unstable as the article implies then that's a bit harsh, don't you reckon?'
  28. 'Police say Bazell, who had a ticket for a domestic Delta flight, appeared mentally unstable.'
  29. 'There are, unfortunately, people in the world who are unstable, and who may descend into madness.'
  30. 'The men became uncontrollable, emotionally unstable and dangerously paranoid.'
  31. 'The ruling affected the treatment of mentally unstable prisoners during trials.'


1. not stable; not firm or firmly fixed; unsteady.

2. liable to fall or sway.

3. unsteadfast; inconstant; wavering: unstable convictions.

4. marked by emotional instability: an unstable person.

5. irregular in movement: an unstable heartbeat.

6. Chemistry. noting compounds that readily decompose or change into other compounds.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be unstable since childhoods."

"cars can be unstable at tops."

"relations can be unstable to places."

"ceasefires can be unstable as results."

"tropicals can be unstable in/at/on years."

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