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Lacking refined worldly knowledge or tastes.
  1. 'Some lecturers say the students are immature, unsophisticated and do not know what they want in class.'
  2. 'The term antiquarian tends to carry negative connotations nowadays, of someone with a naive or unsophisticated obsession with the past.'
  3. 'One line of defense is likely to be that while these deals may sound fictitious and fraudulent to unsophisticated outsiders, they are actually standard transactions in high finance.'
  4. 'His efforts to portray himself as unsophisticated and ignorant of legal matters were not consistent with the record.'
  5. 'Is this a question of ignorance on the part of the media, unsophisticated reporting, or is it a question of letting personal antipathy and personal notions seep into the coverage?'
  6. 'He must play Coffey as simple and unsophisticated, but yet intelligent and perceptive in a delicate balancing act.'
  7. 'Labour wants to see a range of simple, transparent, low-cost options available to financially unsophisticated consumers, to give them the confidence to manage their own affairs.'
  8. 'While his work, in its seductiveness, might appeal to unsophisticated tastes, there is nothing unsophisticated about the paintings themselves.'
  9. 'We don't easily imagine anymore a naive, unsophisticated 14-year-old without the resources or experience to go it alone or see a way out of current circumstances.'
  10. 'They were, as a rule, too immature and unsophisticated to comprehend the full meaning of much of his discourse.'
Not complicated or highly developed; basic.
  1. 'The international expansion continues apace in parts of the world where retailing is relatively undeveloped, unconsolidated, and unsophisticated.'
  2. 'While other vendors hammered away on their unsophisticated heterogenous software packages, IBM was refining something full of grace and elegance.'
  3. 'During the anti-war movement, the statute was broadened in an attempt to break the growing underground resistance, making it a federal crime to have simple, unsophisticated incendiary devices, such as we had.'
  4. 'Its size, remoteness, tropical location, and late development made for a raw, vigorous, unsophisticated version of the Australian experience.'
  5. 'American analysts basically think that SMS messaging will not take off there because they see it as a feeble, unsophisticated little technology and think they can see better alternatives.'
  6. 'If so why was it flying at an altitude at which it could be an easy target for the insurgents’ relatively unsophisticated weapons?'
  7. 'At the same time, there has been a revival of interest in the ancient methods of calculation, especially the use of simple and unsophisticated gadgets such as the abacus.'
  8. 'Netgear's own supplied software does this, though it's unsophisticated compared to the likes of Musicmatch or iTunes.'
  9. 'So, I think the other lesson is that with the science as unsophisticated and as crude as it is today - and for at least the future I can foresee - it's nurture that matters so much.'
  10. 'In July 1995 WB started its search to replace its existing unsophisticated computer system.'


1. not sophisticated; simple; artless.

2. without complexity or refinements: a relatively unsophisticated mechanism.

3. unadulterated; pure; genuine.

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"people can be unsophisticated."

"systems can be unsophisticated."

"markets can be unsophisticated."

"users can be unsophisticated."

"terminals can be unsophisticated."

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