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Disagreeable to taste, smell, or look at.
  1. 'The man adores me for goodness sake… how can I taint the way he feels about me by making such unsavoury noises and smells in his company?'
  2. 'Some were caked with layer upon layer of old food, others burbled ominously with fresh unsavory indelicacies.'
  3. 'We were planting some seeds together in her small backyard when she turned to me in confusion and asked if we could actually eat these food plants if they touched unsavory dirt.'
  4. 'Then the damning evidence piled up and his journey from superstar to common cheat proved as swift as it was unsavoury.'
  5. 'People are always trying to rid their body and house of the unsavory smells of meat.'
  6. 'The whole thing is a little bit unsavoury but is the least-worst outcome.'
  7. 'It was an unsavoury situation for us and I am very disappointed in it.'
  8. 'But there is something unsettling about the menacing threats which have accompanied the protests, a taste of which was unveiled in the unsavoury scenes outside Parliament.'
  9. 'A more unsavoury set of characters and stories is hard to imagine. That noise you hear is the sound of millions of TV sets being turned off every time it comes on while the kids are in the room.'
  10. 'Yesterday's verdict - delivered far quicker than prosecution team members anticipated - brought to an end the unsavoury saga of the Fuddruckers nightclub stabbing.'
  11. 'Apart from the slightness of the story, however, the real disappointment is that the movie teaches a vaguely unsavoury lesson: you can't give up a fine catch just for love - it needs to be for money and love.'
  12. '‘Some of the people visiting the house are very unsavoury characters,’ she said, speaking in 2003 when the Evening Press first exposed the brothel.'
  13. 'Annie is living in an orphanage run by Miss Hannigan, a mean-spirited unsavoury character.'
  14. 'The church's only stipulations were that the original unsavoury title, Graverobbers From Outer Space, be changed, and that the entire cast and crew be baptized in a Hollywood swimming pool.'
  15. 'The Queens Street car park, near to Tavistock Street, has a bit of an unsavoury reputation locally and many owners are reluctant to park there.'


1. not savory; tasteless or insipid: an unsavory meal.

2. unpleasant in taste or smell; distasteful.

3. unappealing or disagreeable, as a pursuit: Poor teachers can make education unsavory.

4. socially or morally objectionable or offensive: an unsavory past; an unsavory person.

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"characters can be unsavory."

"walks can be unsavory."

"secrets can be unsavory."

"crowds can be unsavory."

"colombians can be unsavory."

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