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Not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed.
  1. 'in spite of his fame he was thoroughly unpretentious'
  2. 'One lesson he has learnt from his family's wine business is the importance of the unpretentious Two Paddocks name.'
  3. 'But Streep is direct, laid-back but alert, and thoroughly unpretentious.'
  4. 'This year's rising darlings Coldplay make sincere, earnest music, but appear almost naively accessible and unpretentious by comparison.'
  5. 'It is certainly his style, his style is completely unpretentious.'
  6. 'Diana presented an image of a casual, unpretentious young mother by taking her sons to McDonalds, something that the Prince of Wales would never, ever do.'
  7. 'These are kids with pure talent, meteoric energy, unbelievable charisma and refreshingly unpretentious intelligence.'
  8. 'Still, he's entirely unpretentious about his labor of love.'
  9. 'To his advantage, Rajagopal does not have the bearing of an unapproachable guru but comes across as friendly, witty and unpretentious.'
  10. 'I was raised in Canberra, where the public education system is quite excellent and the handful of private schools are relatively unpretentious.'
  11. 'His warmhearted, unpretentious humanity made a great impression on me.'
  12. 'From the outside, the building in which the World Economic Forum is being held appears unpretentious with its naked grey bricks.'
  13. 'It is cooking appropriate to the hotel itself, ie, highly polished and entirely unpretentious.'
  14. 'We love taverns because they're unpretentious and appear to be impervious to the mainstream.'
  15. 'Joanna Blythman yearns for a tasty, unpretentious lunch for working people - and is delighted to find that Aberdeen has its very own little Italy'
  16. 'It's a happy, noisy, unpretentious place to eat, where you'll feel equally at home with your mates from uni or your mum and dad on a family night out.'
  17. 'The kindest way to describe the decor is unpretentious.'
  18. 'Informal, unpretentious and still very Italian; everything you hoped Chianti might be, but wasn't.'
  19. 'This riddle of a restaurant is shamelessly unpretentious, and if you've never noticed its inconspicuous façade, you are forgiven.'
  20. 'It's a low budget affair and so the hotel was unpretentious and homely and cheap.'
  21. 'You could say that it is about as unpretentious as it is possible to get, without actually being a fish-and-chip shop.'


1. not pretentious; modest; without ostentatious display; plain: his unpretentious demeanor; an unpretentious summer resort.

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"people can be unpretentious."

"styles can be unpretentious."

"hotels can be unpretentious."

"exteriors can be unpretentious."

"services can be unpretentious."

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