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Not helpful.
  1. 'Removing the unhelpful heat from the debate, which can all too easily become polarised, is a necessary first step.'
  2. 'Such a demand is an unhelpful confusion in the free speech debate.'
  3. 'Don't you hate it when people give you ‘helpful feedback’ of an unhelpful nature?'
  4. 'On Saturday, having had enough of our unhelpful mobile phone operator, we decided to go shopping for a pair of new phones.'
  5. 'The game's only detectable flaw is occasionally unhelpful camera work.'
  6. 'He was having difficulty getting through to anyone and the friends he contacted seemed unconcerned and unhelpful.'
  7. 'Why did some of his answers seem to support the government in its war with the BBC, while others were actively unhelpful?'
  8. 'Wishful thinking is generally understandable, even if it's unhelpful.'
  9. 'Insiders worried that it could in fact be unhelpful and make it more difficult to create good syllabuses.'
  10. 'We do not accept involuntary ejections of speech if they are abusive or plainly unhelpful: it is not what the blog is about.'


1. giving or rendering aid or assistance; of service: Your comments were very helpful.

More examples(as adjective)

"presses can be unhelpful in things."

"ways can be unhelpful to projects."

"virgins can be unhelpful in/at/on days."

"virgins can be unhelpful towards people."

"tests can be unhelpful in investigations."

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