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Without protection or a guard.
  1. 'With that said, the man slid away into the night, melting into the shadows, leaving an unsuspecting and unguarded Nicholas to fend for himself.'
  2. 'If you own stock in an insurance firm, pray that she doesn't come into contact with unguarded threshing machines.'
  3. 'Over 90 percent of the antiques originating in Israel are antiques that have been looted from 30,000 different sites all over the country, most of them open and unguarded.'
  4. 'Just grab a typewriter or computer and find an unguarded copy machine and the situation is rectified.'
  5. 'After the second one's comment, the two guards stopped at an unguarded doorway.'
  6. 'I did manage once to tip a measure from an unguarded bottle into my ginger cordial but I was not too impressed with the resulting cocktail.'
  7. 'Unfortunately, an unguarded access point can open up your network to people outside your company's four walls.'
  8. 'One of the complaints was lodged by a county councillor who claimed that the site was relatively open and unguarded at night.'
  9. 'There were extra guards standing by the door at the front and an unguarded door at the back.'
  10. 'The offense momentarily has an unguarded player that gets an open shot.'
Not well considered; careless.
  1. 'His intervention follows unguarded comments by one Home Office minister last week who told a private meeting the government was guilty of ‘over-selling’ the value of the card system.'
  2. 'Still, he watched her for clues, for signs, awkwardness, unguarded thoughts.'
  3. 'Can we say this as well, your Honours, that the statement of a predictive opinion, guarded or unguarded, is apt to induce more than one act of reliance.'
  4. 'If presenters like Humphrys, who could in one unguarded moment destroy the corporation's reputation, do not follow instructions, might not that create the slackness that leads to disaster?'
  5. 'And I can see the irony already here given the fact that at one particularly unguarded moment I happened to let slip to Fox that if I think Griffin has a flaw in his songwriting it's with his second verses.'
  6. 'In perhaps my only unguarded moment since the beginning of time, I answered; ‘I was hoping you would say you liked me!’'
  7. 'At some point in their careers, most broadcasters have made an unguarded comment when the fader was open and the mic was live.'
  8. 'He was another personal favourite whose friendship shrivelled after a single unguarded remark.'
  9. 'Since a lot of what we do is done for the benefit of others, trying to make good impressions, the few unguarded glimpses behind someone's persona are truly precious.'
  10. 'And with the bulk of those e-mails passing between places of work, the potential for embarrassment, offence and even financial damage caused by unguarded messages is immense.'


1. not guarded; unprotected; undefended.

2. open; frank; guileless: an unguarded manner.

3. exposed to attack or capture by the opponent without recourse by the player, as a card, chess piece, etc.: an unguarded queen of clubs; an unguarded pawn.

4. not cautious or discreet; careless: In an unguarded moment he had told her about his affair.

5. without a safeguard, as a cover, barrier, or shield, for protection: an unguarded buzz saw.

More examples(as adjective)

"thieves can be unguarded at nights."

"museums can be unguarded at nights."

"jails can be unguarded for amounts."

"moments can be unguarded."

"remarks can be unguarded."

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