Adjective "Unessential" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples

adjective & noun

  1. 'Stripped of unessential gear and backup systems, it cannot send out a rover to explore the local terrain but must instead rely on a single robotic arm to probe the site.'
  2. 'By then also, all unessential civilians had been evacuated.'
  3. 'The last activity could have been categorized as unessential to some, but Kace needed to be with her friends as much as the next kid.'
  4. 'It's not that the majority of the songs presented are offensively bad, just completely (pardon me) unessential.'
  5. 'The company has undergone structural reorganisation and has taken significant steps to cut unessential costs.'
  6. '‘What I try to do is abstract beautiful landscapes and discard the unessentials,’ Kaldis told an interviewer in 1974.'
  7. 'We create a healthy body when we consume the essential nutritional building blocks of food and eliminate whatever is unessential.'
  8. 'Hayes does a fine job in the role but this character is just too weird and unessential to the film.'
  9. 'The exact number is left to the performers since composers from the era reduced publishing expenses by omitting unessential or doubled parts.'
  10. 'A limited edition second CD comes with some copies, but this is largely unessential.'

More definitions

1. not of prime importance; not indispensable. noun

2. an unessential thing; nonessential.

More examples(as adjective)

"spendings can be unessential."

"oils can be unessential."

"additions can be unessential."