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Not trustworthy and reliable.
  1. 'The other is a chronic underachiever, undependable, disreputable, a thoroughly wild child.'
  2. 'Language is a means of distilling and ‘reflecting’ reality - yet language is slippery, undependable.'
  3. 'Put more baldly, he was recognisably mixed-up; and although that made him maddeningly undependable as a politician, it humanised him as a man.'
  4. 'A gymnast must be both skillful and careful and never gamble, never rely on providence or luck - in short on anything that is undependable or fortuitous.'
  5. 'All this made the business sector an undependable contributor to economic growth.'
  6. 'Though this would seem to be an all-purpose, comprehensive technical solution, it was expensive and frequently undependable, and never made it into the mainstream.'
  7. 'She married a man who was erratic, undependable and bad at paying bills.'
  8. 'In the past the productions of necessities were very low, inefficient and undependable.'
  9. '‘It's these undependable computers again,’ said another student.'
  10. 'The biggest is simply whether Pru can deliver profits that don't depend, as they have so heavily in recent years, on such undependable sources as growth in its own pension-fund assets.'


1. capable of being depended on; worthy of trust; reliable: a dependable employee.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be undependable."

"liteses can be undependable."

"accesses can be undependable."