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(of a person) emotionally or mentally disturbed.
  1. 'Is it wrong to not want mentally unbalanced people in your life?'
  2. 'Being a studio picture, this is only the beginning, and we are taken on a ridiculous and unbelievable journey through the kind of paranormal world that only unbalanced fruitcakes could possibly relate to.'
  3. 'As the 8-year-old niece who is stuck with her unbalanced aunt while she also mourns the loss of her mother, Maxime Foerste is excellent.'
  4. 'Third, the several failed and foiled attacks reveal that the terrorists use low-level technology, and exploit unbalanced individuals, nothing like Atta.'
  5. 'The letter he left before the Hollybank House attempt clearly showed his mind then was unbalanced.'
  6. 'And as for the mentally unbalanced people that seem to be attracted to this site remember that hate is not a good thing.'
  7. 'You are one crazy, mentally unbalanced, psychotic son of a bitch.'
  8. 'To others, we are a combination of animals, brutes, deviates, psychopaths, products of broken homes, or just plain psychologically unbalanced individuals.'
  9. 'This is about not letting mentally unbalanced people serve in the judiciary.'
  10. 'In his youth he has suffered blackouts that repress chilling memories of childhood abuse, death and the absence of his mentally unbalanced father.'
Not giving accurate, fair, or equal coverage to all aspects; partial.
  1. 'Bone is correct that Israel cops a horribly unbalanced and unjustified level of criticism.'
  2. 'Its choice of interviewees is often unbalanced, it employs double standards in treating one side far more roughly than the other, and much of its questioning rests on a series of highly partisan assumptions.'
  3. 'The story was unbalanced and unfair and made no attempt to present both sides of the issue, George says.'
  4. 'The thing about this biography is that it is not fair, it is unbalanced and it is biased, and it is what John Howard would call a ‘black armband biography’.'
  5. 'Questions of media bias came to the fore as members of the Liberal party machine accused the ABC of unbalanced coverage.'
  6. 'School children will be given an unbalanced and biased view which you can be certain will paint unions in the best possible light.'
  7. 'They say her comments were unbalanced in favour of the prosecution.'
  8. 'I was taken aback to read the rather slanted and unbalanced coverage of the debate on the issue of protected structures in last week's issue of the Weekender.'
  9. 'On this day, of all days, they choose to spread their unfair, unbalanced message, a message that I think can only be fairly understood as expressing hostility to our great country.'
  10. 'Opposition indigenous affairs spokesman Kim Carr said the government's policy was unfair, unbalanced and one-sided.'


1. not balanced or not properly balanced.

2. lacking steadiness and soundness of judgment.

3. mentally disordered; deranged.

4. (of an account) not adjusted; not brought to an equality of debits and credits.

5. Football. of or relating to an offensive line formation having more than three linemen on one side of the center.Compare balanced (def 2).

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"economies can be unbalanced in whiskies."

"economies can be unbalanced in textiles."

"economies can be unbalanced in services."

"economies can be unbalanced in sectors."

"economies can be unbalanced in oils."

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