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Feeling or showing no effects or changes.
  1. 'In this case, both spontaneous and VBL-induced effects were unaffected by the age of the donors.'
  2. 'The Gulf of Thailand was unaffected by the disaster, and all resorts are open.'
  3. 'I thought not knowing the guy would mean I could breeze through the day unaffected, untouched.'
  4. 'The remainder of the country's 1,600 post offices remain unaffected by the action.'
  5. 'And how refreshing to hear their unaffected expressions of delight at their success.'
  6. 'As the girls enjoy the attention more and more, few are left unaffected.'
  7. 'Further north still, the Cassley is obviously unaffected, as they have already taken two springers this season.'
  8. 'Three hundred staff at Philips' remaining two operations in Ireland will be unaffected by the move.'
  9. 'Others have benefited from a spirit of cooperation, with unaffected companies throwing open their doors to rivals.'
  10. 'Police sources now fear an upsurge in violence in areas which have previously been relatively unaffected by serious crime.'
  11. 'Even if there is a rupture in one of them, the boat will be unaffected.'
Without artificiality or insincerity.
  1. 'Vardalos has a delicate charm and an unaffected style of acting.'
  2. 'The problem is not with Jones, who gives a natural and unaffected performance, but with her character's story.'
  3. 'Refreshingly frank and unaffected, he loves a chat and concedes that he's often hyper.'
  4. 'Her later works are sometimes diffuse and sententious, without the unaffected charm of her pre-war books.'
  5. 'He had an easy, unaffected manner and a complete involvement with the problems of the person before him.'
  6. 'There is something disarming, even charming about him, an unaffected, innocent air.'


1. free from affectation; sincere; genuine: The man showed unaffected grief at the death of his former opponent.

2. unpretentious, as a personality or literary style.

More examples(as adjective)

"markets can be unaffected by newses."

"crowns can be unaffected by figures."

"services can be unaffected by strikes."

"productions can be unaffected by strikes."

"ports can be unaffected by strikes."

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