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cardinal number

Indefinitely many; a lot of.
  1. 'umpteen of them arrived at once'
  2. 'I've seen the first one umpteen times and still love it.'
  3. 'I couldn't hear them sing, because this was a sports bar, with umpteen televisions and customer's, all you can do is watch.'
  4. 'An umpteen number of muscular men and women would have performed such a feat.'
  5. 'There was so much more that could have been done in the hour that wasn't, and so much fillery stuff in there as well, such as umpteen shots of the kids walking around the streets.'
  6. 'The umpteen four-wheelers and six-wheelers maintained by the institutions cater to the needs of students.'
  7. 'But I do believe in life sentences with life meaning life, not just ten years inside, with umpteen reductions for good behaviour.'
  8. 'I must have passed it umpteen times, and never noticed it!'
  9. 'According to the housing officer, he has laid out umpteen stalls.'
  10. 'You've filled in umpteen blanks and chosen your super favorites and guessed at the answers you didn't know.'
  11. 'Every cliche about Inuit language - 347 words for snow, umpteen more for ice - is both true and beside the point.'

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1. innumerable; many.

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"people can be umpteen."

"times can be umpteen."

"variations can be umpteen."

"messages can be umpteen."

"years can be umpteen."

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Early 20th century: humorous formation based on -teen.