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Unimportant or trivial.
  1. 'With escalating club fees, trifling base salaries and percentages taken off credit card payments, that is an interesting question indeed.'
  2. 'Divorce proceedings also require full disclosure of all the financial affairs of both parties, no matter how trifling they may seem.'
  3. 'For those of a certain tribal cast of Irish-Australian mind, such questions of geography and chronology are trifling.'
  4. 'Puccini was expert not only at describing the trifling matters of daily life, but also at using various melodies to expose the distinctive personality of each character.'
  5. 'The leading pair brushed off one another going around the turn but it was only a trifling matter.'
  6. 'Set against estimates of the infrastructure needed to sustain GDP growth at about 8 per cent, the sum is trifling.'
  7. 'The telescope makes claims for the internet look trifling.'
  8. 'But human rights are not trifling matters and the EU, if it is to remain true to its founding principles, must not gloss over such matters.'
  9. 'Let me denounce this piffling, trifling, self-satisfied world; these horse-hair seats; these coloured photographs of piers and parades.'
  10. 'You might think that these are mere trifling matters.'


1. of very little importance; trivial; insignificant: a trifling matter.

2. of small value, cost, or amount: a trifling sum.

3. frivolous; shallow; light: trifling conversation.

4. mean; worthless. noun

5. idle or frivolous conduct, talk, etc.

6. foolish delay or waste of time.

More examples(as adjective)

"blunders can be trifling to people."

"amounts can be trifling to people."

"sums can be trifling."

"matters can be trifling."

"amounts can be trifling."

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