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Very great in amount, scale, or intensity.
  1. 'there was a tremendous explosion'
  2. 'The pair were inside the bungalow in Sladbury's Lane, Clacton, when there was a tremendous crack and the sky lit up.'
  3. 'This in itself inspired a tremendous growth in investigative journalism.'
  4. 'Among his many talents were a tremendous creative range, gifted musicianship and a savage wit.'
  5. 'There has been tremendous concern about consumer interests and how they are affected by the genetics revolution.'
  6. 'This fella is a fantastic athlete who has tremendous power and exceptional skills and movement.'
  7. 'Personally Mike combined intellectual brilliance with tremendous charm and wit.'
  8. 'The cat can, as you've been experiencing in your country, cause a tremendous amount of damage.'
  9. 'We have tremendous respect for their work and they would be excellent allies and strong performers on the Cabinet.'
  10. 'It's a tremendous inspiration when you see these guys every morning.'
  11. 'Also, being thanked for doing a good job brings tremendous satisfaction.'
  12. 'The champion put on a tremendous display but could not floor the American, who previously held the IBF title.'
  13. 'I can imagine she is doing a tremendous job in what must be indescribable circumstances.'
  14. 'Saturday's Super League Grand Final against Bradford will be a tremendous occasion.'
  15. 'Not only is road grip tremendous and cornering balance superb, but the steering is precision at its best.'
  16. 'Her prognosis was originally extremely poor, but fortunately she has made tremendous progress over the years.'
  17. 'The weather was fantastic and full use was made of the tremendous facilities at the popular holiday venue.'
  18. 'The teachers did a tremendous job, many of them going above and beyond the call of duty.'
  19. 'The response to our redesign and relaunch has been tremendous, and is inspiring us to keep improving the paper.'
  20. 'I've had a tremendous time there and made some terrific friends on and off the pitch and it's sad to be leaving them behind.'
  21. 'We went up in one of those and it was tremendous, a marvellous little airship.'
Inspiring awe or dread.


    1. extraordinarily great in size, amount, or intensity: a tremendous ocean liner; tremendous talent.

    2. extraordinary in excellence: a tremendous movie.

    3. dreadful or awful, as in character or effect; exciting fear; frightening; terrifying.

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    "traffics can be tremendous with backlogs."

    "voices can be tremendous as ridiculouses."

    "views can be tremendous in lakes."

    "plays can be tremendous in periods."

    "places can be tremendous in goals."

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    Mid 17th century: from Latin tremendus (gerundive of tremere ‘tremble’) + -ous.