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Resembling treacle in consistency, taste, or appearance.
  1. 'Once these were distilled from molasses, which left a black treacly taste simmering underneath the juniper and other botanicals.'
  2. 'The starter of oysters with potatoes and Dunsyre blue was really three starters in one (alas, the salty freshness of oysters doesn't complement the mouldiness of blue cheese); the confit duck leg came in a dense, treacly reduction.'
  3. 'Everything for 20 yards was treacly with gritty black fat.'
Excessively sentimental.
  1. 'PAY IT FORWARD, with a few missteps along the way, could have become a syrupy, treacly exercise in mawkishness.'
  2. 'It's treacly and cloying, and all just a bit too neatly wrapped up at the end.'
  3. 'Like far too many bottom-of-the-barrel comedies, this one eventually decides to take a left turn into treacly melodrama, which is about the worst move it could possibly make.'


1. contrived or unrestrained sentimentality: a movie plot of the most shameless treacle.

2. British. molasses, especially that which is drained from the vats used in sugar refining. Also called golden syrup. a mild mixture of molasses, corn syrup, etc., used in cooking or as a table syrup.

3. Pharmacology Obsolete. any of various medicinal compounds, formerly used as antidotes for poison.

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"sentiments can be treacly."

"pastes can be treacly."

"musics can be treacly."

"morasses can be treacly."

"mixtures can be treacly."

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