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Come into or be in contact with.
  1. 'Samantha had remained erect, very still, and dry-eyed, her back not touching the witness chair.'
  2. 'She sat straight in her chair, the small of her back never touching the chair.'
  3. 'Its majestic branches drooped dramatically, some nearly touching the ground, but all providing a cozy little curtain whenever the crew decided to hang around at its grassy base.'
  4. 'Then their lips touched for just a moment and then they drew back slightly.'
  5. 'Lie on the floor, face down, toes touching the ground and elbows positioned below your shoulders.'
  6. 'And he's the only man I've ever seen who could sit in a chair and touch both elbows on the floor.'
  7. 'She was still hanging over the edge of the bunk, the ends of her hair nearly touching my covers.'
  8. 'His arms remained stretched out above him, his knees were almost, but not quite, touching the floor.'
  9. 'Descend until your left knee bends 90 degrees and your right knee nearly touches the floor.'
  10. 'he touched a strand of her hair'
  11. 'I felt slender fingers touch my chin and brought it upwards to meet his beautiful eyes.'
  12. 'He didn't grip her tightly but barely let his fingers touch her body.'
  13. 'I can't stand to even touch my own body, to wash, even get dressed.'
  14. 'I imagined just touching his weakened body, and it breaking into shards like a china doll.'
  15. 'Stealthily I moved in, until I was so close I could have actually touched the little body that lay motionless in the grass in front of me.'
  16. 'She reached out to him, her whole body quivering, and touched his hand.'
  17. 'A mother who picks up an affected new-born baby suddenly discovers she has left a trail of blisters across its body - just by touching it gently.'
  18. 'When he finally died, they touched his body as they bound him in a sheet, feeling the paper thin skin, almost touching bone.'
  19. no object 'for a moment their fingers touched'
  20. 'The moment their lips touched, Kynan's inner battle was lost.'
  21. 'Their lips touched softly and fused into a long, slow embrace.'
  22. 'It felt like an eternity before Lena would release her hold, but the moment their lips touched and their eyes closed, time lost all meaning.'
  23. 'Their fingers touched momentarily, but it sent a familiar tingling through him.'
  24. 'The moment our lips touched, it was like a dam breaking and he grabbed me, kissing me hard, pushing me back against the bookcase.'
  25. 'He held her hand until only their fingertips touched, then the distance became too great and the contact was lost.'
  26. 'Their hands touched slightly and Ann pulled back as though she had been burned.'
  27. 'Our fingers touched, and electricity crackled in the night.'
  28. 'Walking into the youth room, where the senior high Sunday school class met, my mind instantly recalled the moment our lips touched.'
  29. 'Right before our lips touched, he jumped back and pulled his hand away as if he suddenly realized what was about to happen.'
  30. 'he touched back a cross-field ball'
  31. 'The supporting Rob Bourne was tackled almost on the line. A ruck was formed, and hooker Matt Hartley touched the ball down to score an unconverted try.'
  32. 'Superb play from Ballack, who robbed Fabregas and then touched the ball past him to earn a time-wasting free-kick.'
Handle in order to interfere with, alter, or otherwise affect.
  1. 'King Charles Court had not been touched for 30 years.'
  2. 'Nevertheless, these are dangerous animals and should not be touched or interfered with in any way by divers.'
  3. 'Blogger's new image feature has screwed up my template which I haven't touched in years.'
  4. 'McLaren were also fined even though the contents of the box were not touched and were legal.'
  5. 'Her brother Ephes has murderous tendencies towards anyone who dares to touch her.'
  6. '‘The only one good thing about Kyle being shot at a party where several people where killed is that no one can touch him for all of the police that will be around him’ Blaze explained to the rest.'
  7. 'If you try to harm me, or touch me, you may suffer a worse fate.'
  8. 'If you dared touch her you are as good as dead and that is by my law!'
  9. 'An enormous hate wells up in her for the man who would dare to touch her mother; the woman who works herself almost to death to provide for her child.'
  10. 'There had been talk among their generals to bring her here before, but none had dared to touch her.'
  11. '‘I don't see why you're so concerned,’ he spat back, unable to control his words, ‘he'd never touch you for your brother's sake.’'
  12. 'I'm going to fight if you touch me or hurt me or do harm to my family.'
  13. 'Just smear some on your neck and I promise you, no vampire will touch you for a decade.'
  14. 'My stepmom didn't dare to touch me anymore and it's still the same between me and my dad.'
  15. 'the pint by his right hand was hardly touched'
  16. 'You can't touch your pension pot until you're at least fifty, which gives it time to grow.'
  17. 'She spent most of her time under the settee, pressed up as tight into the corner as she could, and hardly touched her food.'
  18. 'We hardly touched our wine and it was all I could to keep my eyes open.'
  19. 'From the very beginning, I knew that you were never even gonna touch this money.'
  20. 'If your employer goes bust, it can not touch your pension fund, but you may not get as much as you had originally thought.'
  21. 'So Quiney can't touch the money at all unless he puts something in.'
  22. 'Are we still not touching money today because it's dirty?'
  23. 'True, it is hard for a monk not to touch money and to live without the comforts of this world.'
  24. 'But you can only take a quarter of the accumulated fund as a tax-free lump sum and you can't touch any of the money until you retire - or you're 50 at least.'
  25. 'Pensions are a great way to save for the future because you can't touch the money until you retire.'
  26. 'he was good only for the jobs that nobody else would touch'
  27. 'I even came to him with that Faulkner book, which nobody would touch.'
  28. 'Hollywood was late to catch on, not least because no-one in the Cold War days would have touched a movie about two communists such as Kahlo and Rivera.'
  29. 'Is there value to certain types of non-nutty Internet speculation that the mainstream media, for the most part, refuse to touch?'
  30. 'What's more, they'll never touch stock like this again either.'
  31. 'I don't touch anything involved with electricity, for example.'
  32. 'They do not want even to touch social and economic rights.'
Affect or concern.
  1. 'But the teaching also touched sentient beings as moral agents, as agents capable of affecting the welfare not only of themselves but of others as well.'
  2. 'Healthcare is a matter of concern in most countries and one that touches everybody in some way.'
  3. 'It will come to touch all our lives in a profound manner, and will figure prominently in all we think and do at all levels of civic life for a very long time.'
  4. 'Before long, GPS will be touching our lives in so many positive ways that we'll wonder how we ever lived without it.'
  5. 'This was a concert for those touched by dispossession and resistance.'
  6. 'Williams' plan is to raise awareness about ecological issues by touching the lives of students along his route, through school talks and media events.'
  7. 'Nobody can fail to be touched by the plight of the two murdered girls in Soham and the ordeal of their families, friends and all those touched by this tragedy.'
  8. 'The third issue concerns the question of repayment of legal aid, which touches the question of whether legal aid in a particular case will be a grant or be something more in the nature of a loan.'
  9. 'When one talks about reforms in the Muslim community, none of the important organisations touch these issues.'
  10. 'Drug abuse and crime now touch all levels of society.'
  11. 'the voice was touched by hysteria'
  12. 'Remembering the Legendary Master's words after David had fallen, Viridian cannot stop the smile from touching her lips.'
  13. 'Nick was leaning against the wall with an amused smile touching his lips.'
  14. 'He lowered his hand, a small smiled touching his lips.'
  15. 'She shook her head, a shy smile touching her lips when she looked away from him.'
  16. '‘You don't have to stay on the floor the whole way,’ he said, a smile touching his lips.'
  17. 'He looked at her strangely, a faint smile touching his lips.'
  18. 'He was staring at Cael, a smile touching his lips, as the latter took a step back, away from him.'
  19. 'She held up her hands, a ghost of a smile touching her lips.'
  20. 'Tanya bounded down the stairs, the slightest of smiles touching her lips as she recalled the previous night.'
  21. 'Thomas frowned and shook his head, a minute smile touching his lips.'
Produce feelings of affection, gratitude, or sympathy in.
  1. 'It was homemade, and the words touched my heart.'
  2. 'His words touched my heart, as though he were speaking to me personally.'
  3. 'One of them, dressed in a violet pyjama and kurta, walked elegantly on the stage and greeted the students, who were touched by his appearance.'
  4. 'She was surprised to have been so touched by his words.'
  5. 'Kim took all of what Levi had said in slowly, the words touching her heart.'
  6. 'He wanted to break down in front of her and show her how those simple words had touched his soul.'
  7. 'I think your words have touched my heart completely.'
  8. 'One of them, named Song, was deeply touched by the words that described his miserable life counter to his warm heart, bringing tears to her eyes.'
  9. 'One thing was the same, however; the words touched them deeply and went straight to their hearts.'
  10. 'His words touched Callie, who didn't miss the tremor in his voice.'
Reach (a specified level or amount)
  1. 'The GDP growth rate touched new heights every quarter.'
  2. 'As the temperatures touched the 80s, there was a typical end of pre-season feel about the opening exchanges.'
  3. 'The yen, meanwhile, held in check by Japan's central bank, can only manage a 41-month high, touching levels last seen in late 2000.'
  4. 'With elections round the corner, the irritation is bound to touch nightmarish levels.'
  5. 'At the same time, India's imports from China touched 1.74 billion US dollars, up 72 per cent.'
  6. 'The city houses a population of seven million, which is slated to touch 8.8 million in 2015.'
  7. 'While doubling the female literacy rates, during this decade, the male literacy rates touched the 75.49 per cent mark.'
  8. 'The currency briefly touched 8.2700 on that day, a gain of 0.08 percent.'
  9. 'The total storage volume for RHW facilities in Sumida City touched 9,500 cubic metres by that date.'
  10. 'Auto component exports from India to our global operations have touched euro 72 million during the year 2003.'
  11. 'there's no one who can touch him at lightweight judo'
  12. 'None of them, however, was able to touch Daru-brahman for as soon as they started, their chisels broke and fell to pieces.'
  13. 'But when it comes to building lovable robots, no-on can touch Sony for cuteness (and no, they're not on sale yet).'
  14. 'There's no one who can touch Noble for flights of nonsensical fancy.'
  15. 'Over the past five years, few teams can touch them for number of tries scored and appetite for attacking play.'
  16. 'Define your agenda in terms of freedom, security, identity and democracy - ‘and no one can touch you for it’.'
Ask someone for (money or some other commodity) as a loan or gift.
  1. 'You can touch Evan for the occasional meal or drinks but a million bucks is crossing the line.'
  2. 'So in a fit of sentimentality and with the keen realization that the guy still has a couple hundred grand that you haven't touched him for yet, you name your first born after it.'
  3. 'Our old school, like many fee-paying establishments, has devised a way of reconnecting with its old pupils as they approach the stage in life when there would be some point in touching them for a donation to one of its projects.'
Lightly mark in features or other details with a brush or pencil.

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    1. to put the hand, finger, etc., on or into contact with (something) to feel it: He touched the iron cautiously.

    2. to come into contact with and perceive (something), as the hand or the like does.

    3. to bring (the hand, finger, etc., or something held) into contact with something: She touched a match to the papers.

    4. to give a slight tap or pat to with the hand, finger, etc.; strike or hit gently or lightly.

    5. to come into or be in contact with.

    6. Geometr

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