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Complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial.
  1. 'The evaluation begins with a thorough history and a careful physical examination.'
  2. 'His painstaking, comprehensive and thorough work was distinguished by deep sensitivity and fresh insights.'
  3. 'Far from being the pristine oasis of calm portrayed in magazines, my house still looks as if it's been done over by a gang of particularly thorough burglars.'
  4. 'The experiences may lead to closer contact and more thorough understanding.'
  5. 'Weatherizing an earthmoving project calls for careful planning, based on thorough knowledge of your site.'
  6. 'The theist who wants to build a systematic and thorough apologetic finds that he is required to begin absolutely from the beginning.'
  7. 'The first step is to obtain a thorough history and perform a complete physical examination.'
  8. 'Success in this environment requires a thorough understanding of systems theory.'
  9. 'I think our group needs a proper and thorough briefing.'
  10. 'In addition, medical records must be accurate and thorough because they may become an important element in any legal action.'
  11. 'officers have made a thorough examination of the wreckage'
  12. 'Scientists carried out an extremely thorough search for without finding any hint of its presence.'
  13. 'Fire investigators have so far been unable to carry out a thorough examination of the building for clues because it is unsafe.'
  14. 'The baby was brought to hospital for a thorough examination but was found to be unharmed.'
  15. 'It seems unlikely that everyone engages in thorough deliberation for every decision they make in their relationships.'
  16. 'Shotguns are taken out of their safe hiding place and given a thorough cleaning.'
  17. 'The physician also should perform a thorough physical examination of the child, looking for any unusual marks or bruises.'
  18. 'Under these circumstances a more thorough investigation would have been more than appropriate.'
  19. 'They had already gone through a very thorough review, but now they have to be reviewed again.'
  20. 'The terms of reference were broad, the processes were inclusive, and the deliberations were thorough.'
  21. 'Glover's historical work, so far as I can judge, is careful and thorough.'
  22. 'It is a fairly straightforward game where you just have to pay attention and be thorough.'
  23. 'This does not mean that we will catch less - just be thorough and accurate with your groundbaiting and with your casting and the results will come.'
  24. 'I can't guarantee that we would have been as thorough under those circumstances.'
  25. 'Choose your weapons carefully, be merciless, be thorough, and take no prisoners!'
  26. 'It didn't seem to occur to him that it might be possible to be a thorough and fair teacher without denigrating your pupil.'
  27. 'Some members of the team may have been particularly thorough with hand washing and used more than one actuation per hand wash.'
  28. 'I'm trying very hard to be careful and thorough, and to present new information and new claims as they become available.'
  29. 'Mather had excellent support in the back row, with Hills making a thorough nuisance of himself, as every openside should.'
  30. 'It is indicative of the thorough mess Britain's farmers are in when a beef crisis tax threatens the livelihood of pork producers.'

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1. executed without negligence or omissions: a thorough search.

2. complete; perfect; utter: thorough enjoyment.

3. extremely attentive to accuracy and detail; painstaking: a thorough worker; a thorough analysis.

4. having full command or mastery of an art, talent, etc.: a thorough actress.

5. extending or passing through. adverb, preposition

6. Archaic. through. noun

7. (initial capital letter) English History. the administrative policies of the Earl of Sta

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"securities can be thorough since eras."

"regulations can be thorough as varieties."

"regulations can be thorough as banks."

"processes can be thorough in places."

"polices can be thorough in researchs."

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Old English thuruh, alteration of thurh ‘through’. Original use was as an adverb and preposition, in senses of through. The adjective dates from the late 15th century, when it also had the sense ‘that goes or extends through something’, surviving in thoroughfare.