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Of great size, amount, or intensity.
  1. 'I was extremely sensitive to light and sound, I had terrific migraine headaches and my hormones seemed to have gone awry.'
  2. 'This was a historic night and nobody at OUABC was hiding the fact that this event was a huge milestone of terrific importance.'
  3. 'In the final the large crowd was enthralled by a game of intense skill and terrific excitement.'
  4. 'A York amateur astronomer also said his room was lit up as a huge object moved across the sky at terrific speed.'
  5. 'With a terrific bang, he drives the hammer into some kind of post to send it further into the ground.'
  6. 'W. H. Hudson comments on the gauchos' terrific waste of meat, excess being fed to the dogs by the barrowload.'
  7. 'Why is there this terrific increase in demand for pellets?'
  8. 'As the lights go down strobe lighting and terrific claps of thunder herald the storm.'
  9. 'At midnight I could hear in my bed the terrific gusts and the sounds of a driving deluge.'
  10. 'There was a terrific demand for the bins and we had to queue over an hour to get ours.'
  11. 'it's been such a terrific day'
  12. 'The intense flavor of dried mushrooms makes them a terrific seasoning ingredient.'
  13. 'The night was a terrific celebration of the past five years and many wonderful memories were revived.'
  14. 'He is an excellent tackler with terrific instincts and the speed to chase down plays.'
  15. 'She said the friends she and her husband Eugene have met have been terrific and the children absolutely wonderful.'
  16. 'Tamoszius is a terrific fiddler, and able to make a nice amount of money playing at local parties.'
  17. 'Both performers are terrific and earn an enormous amount of audience goodwill.'
  18. 'It sounded like a terrific idea, but somehow got extremely muddled along the way.'
  19. 'The Jaguar's sound system is terrific too, but it should be, this is a luxury car.'
  20. 'There was a tremendous atmosphere and it was a terrific surface to play on.'
  21. 'The last few months, we've had some terrific live appearances by some great musical artist.'
Causing terror.


    1. extraordinarily great or intense: terrific speed.

    2. extremely good; wonderful: a terrific vacation.

    3. causing terror; terrifying.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "yields can be terrific in/at/on years."

    "places can be terrific with fish."

    "people can be terrific in/at/on tonights."

    "people can be terrific in beds."

    "people can be terrific for people."

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    Mid 17th century (in terrific (sense 2)): from Latin terrificus, from terrere ‘frighten’.