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  1. 'That star is actually a teeny bit older than I am, but not so much as to make a difference.'
  2. 'About an hour later I was a teeny bit gigglier than usual.'
  3. 'The animations of the units are smooth and use high quality models (even though they are teeny tiny).'
  4. 'I am only looking at tiny teeny places and not some estate.'
  5. 'So someone had the unenviable task of condensing a five decade recording career into one teeny tiny album.'
  6. 'The solution is one of those teeny tiny lights that clip onto the book.'
  7. 'Pulling aside the curtains, she stepped out with the teeny tiny shirt hanging off her teeny tiny frame.'
  8. 'Somehow, his voice made her feel a very, very, very teeny tiny bit of homesickness.'
  9. 'But the ones it affects the most are the teeny babies, premature babies, or ones with lung problems.'
  10. 'Then a bit later there was this teeny tiny little woman walking ahead of me.'


1. tiny.

More examples(as adjective)

"bits can be teeny."

"terrapins can be teeny."

"markets can be teeny."

"people/places/organizations can be teeny."

"people can be teeny."

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Early 19th century: variant of tiny.