Adjective "Teeny-Weeny" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Very tiny.
  1. 'He makes himself out to be a real man's man but melts at the sight of his coworkers babies, making comments such as ‘look at how teeny-weeny those fingernails are!’'
  2. 'Could it be that you're finding it all just a teeny-weeny bit unconvincing?'
  3. 'The supermodel wore a teeny-weeny bikini at a fashion show in Brazil.'
  4. 'So, for the benefit of your accountant, I have drawn up this simple, teensy-weensy agenda to show where the money goes.'
  5. 'Naturally, there were some teeny-weeny faults with the car.'
  6. 'Forget teeny-weeny bikinis - micro-mini skirts are here.'
  7. 'The crab, which eats away at riverbanks, clogs water intake pipes and is considered too teensy-weensy to make for an enjoyable human snack, can trek 500 kilometres from its salt water spawning grounds and could easily inhabit our river.'
  8. 'They are pukka and top drawer, but with a teeny-weeny, alternative streak.'
  9. 'Please sir, could you please make a teensy-weensy exception?'
  10. 'Worried about squeezing into that teensy-weensy bikini?'


adjective, Baby Talk.

1. tiny; small.

More examples(as adjective)

"twinges can be teeny-weeny."

"missiles can be teeny-weeny."

"bits can be teeny-weeny."