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Having a natural aptitude or skill for something.
  1. 'This council has a clear commitment to the education of gifted and talented pupils.'
  2. 'They have a rich seam of talented players and have the ambition to succeed as a whole.'
  3. 'They have a lot of respect now, and all the bands on the label are unique and talented.'
  4. 'His input is great and he's a talented young player with a big future ahead of him.'
  5. 'Yet Leigh youngsters are as talented as young people anywhere else in the country.'
  6. 'We are on the lookout for the most talented young poets in our region's schools.'
  7. 'He devised a television show that would allow talented home cooks to compete for a prize.'
  8. 'He was a very talented musician and he was a pleasure to be with in the studio.'
  9. 'Big-hitting young forward is raw but very talented and has a big future ahead of him.'
  10. 'This was a period when a number of talented young players started coming through.'


1. having talent or special ability; gifted.

More examples(as adjective)

"blacks can be talented for sports."

"people can be talented beyond years."

"people can be talented at normalizings."

"people can be talented as innovatorses."

"people can be talented."

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