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Having or showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.
  1. 'So it would appear that from now on I am going to have to be more tactful and diplomatic in my meanderings.'
  2. 'The tactful use of his skills and a clear understanding of the game have made this young man an instant favourite with the crowds in an alien land.'
  3. 'Be a catalyst for change by letting your actions and voices be heard in a diplomatic and tactful manner.'
  4. 'Donna may feel conflicted between being tactful and being direct.'
  5. 'Thus, it is crucial that one be tactful and select his words wisely.'
  6. 'If you want to be kind, courteous, gracious and civil, and tactful, God bless you.'
  7. 'The agent was one of the most tactful and discreet people that I have ever met in my life.'
  8. 'The issue was not broached in the most articulate or tactful manner, but it did generate quite a bit of discussion on our opinion pages.'
  9. 'I'm not sure I could be as tactful about the whole thing as he is, but when it comes down to it, I guess free speech is what we fight for.'
  10. 'These are the questions at the centre of the author's tactful, patient investigations.'


1. having or manifesting tact: a tactful person; a tactful reply.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be tactful in things."

"people can be tactful in approaches."

"people can be tactful at keyboards."

"people can be tactful about conditions."

"people can be tactful about appearances."

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