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Make or become sweet or sweeter, especially in taste.
  1. no object 'her smile sweetened'
  2. 'Condiments, sweetening agents and spices may be added according to individual preferences.'
  3. 'No social gathering is complete without drinking a ti-punch (straight rum with a twist of lemon sweetened with cane sugar) or a planteur (fruit juice and rum).'
  4. 'After all, lactose is from the same general family as sucrose, the table sugar we use to sweeten coffee and tea.'
  5. 'Soak (don't boil) them in water for at least half an hour and sweeten to taste (ideally with honey).'
  6. 'The mixture is greenish white in color and when sweetened to taste is relished by nearly every one.'
  7. 'Once the juice has cooled, remove the flavourings and sweeten to taste.'
  8. 'Add 1 cup whipping cream, whipped and sweetened to taste'
  9. 'Today I had strawberries on bread, with sugar on top to sweeten the taste.'
  10. 'Global majors such as Coca Cola and Beatrice Foods are said to use Stevia extracts as sweetening agents in foods sold across Japan, Brazil and other countries.'
  11. 'Stonyfield Farm's recently introduced Light Yogurt Smoothie is fatfree and naturally sweetened with less sugar and calories than traditional smoothies.'
  12. 'The former is an agreeable and clever portrait that domesticates and sweetens its subject's subversiveness.'
  13. 'The pair, who will dodge mine fields in Senegal and sweeten border officials with a supply of football T-shirts, will travel across France and Spain before catching the boat to Morocco and heading south to Banjul.'
  14. 'Catholics dominate the lower levels of the party, so to get on a young, aspiring politician has to sweeten these people.'
  15. 'In other words, people sometimes sweeten their stories, particularly if there is a financial incentive.'
  16. 'But surely, occasionally, it is tempting for a Suez operative to sweeten some local politician in parts of the world where such payments are de rigueur?'
  17. 'The Times's John Diamond, who died last year, sweetened his personal account of carcinoma of the tongue with gentle humour.'

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1. to make sweet, as by adding sugar.

2. to make mild or kind; soften.

3. to lessen the acridity or pungency of (a food) by prolonged cooking.

4. to reduce the saltiness of (a food or dish) by diluting with water, milk, or other liquid.

5. to make (the breath, room air, etc.) sweet or fresh, as with a mouthwash, spray, etc.

6. (in musical recording) to add musical instruments to (an arrangement), especially strings for a lusher sound.

7. Chemistry. to make (the sto

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"offers can be sweetened."

"bids can be sweetened."

"terms can be sweetened."

"services can be sweetened."

"proposals can be sweetened."

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