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Having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey; not salt, sour, or bitter.
  1. 'Chamomile flower (Matricaria spp.) has a pleasantly bitter and sweet taste.'
  2. 'I walked over to the cupboard, pulling down a mug, then filled it with the sweet bitter taste of homemade coffee.'
  3. 'However, the beef became tasty after absorbing the sweet and sour tastes of the preserved tangerine peel wrapped outside.'
  4. 'It tasted sweet and bitter on his tongue at the same time and made him shiver slightly, unable to decide if he enjoyed the taste or not.'
  5. 'It tasted sweet like honey for only a second and then a sudden painful lurching started in her womb.'
  6. 'Buttermilk is an assortment of three tastes - sweet, sour and astringent.'
  7. 'The tea tastes a little bitter with some lingering sweet aftertaste.'
  8. 'Mr Dolan, 47, said the bitter had a sweet, fruity taste and was ‘quite dangerous stuff’ at 4.8 per cent.'
  9. 'Human taste buds react to four tastes: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.'
  10. 'They all exhibit sour, salty, sweet, and bitter tastes or can be any combination of the four.'
  11. 'lungfuls of the clean, sweet air'
  12. 'Jonathan Cope is spending this week breathing the sweet air of the French countryside.'
  13. 'The man kindled it and in the next moments the fresh and sweet air fulfilled with deep and suffocating smoke and scent of burning flesh.'
  14. 'Head low as the sun grew higher in the sky, he breathed in the fresh, sweet air with a hint of delighted content.'
  15. 'In the Erasama block, which was the worst hit by the cyclone, sweet water is not available even at a depth of 1,500 feet.'
  16. 'When the air is so sweet with blossom and the beginnings of the evening dew you could almost drink it and believe it to be the best elixir known to Man.'
  17. 'My spirit feels reborn, and I breathe in the sweet air of the pardoned prisoner.'
  18. 'Fresh, sweet air breezed past Shana's head, her fawn-colored hair streaming behind her in the gust.'
  19. 'She lifted her head and breathed in the sweet air.'
  20. 'There breathes in the face a sweet air of the purest grace, with the hair gathered simply, and all the lineaments are formed to beauty and to modesty.'
  21. 'Tambili or the sweet water from the spliced green or bright orange fruit quenches thirst and fortifies the Lankan soul.'
  22. 'It smells like some sort of crazy hybrid of fragrant, sweet berries and the floral hyperbole of lavender.'
  23. 'She was letting him touch her, letting him smell her sweet perfume, letting him savor those things that only Rick should feel.'
  24. 'You graced our suite with the sweet smell of beautiful flowers and Chilean wine.'
  25. 'Also with a claim of good mildew tolerance is ‘Blue Lagoon’ a new variety from Thompson, and Morgan with blue flowers and sweet fragrance.'
  26. 'Up closer he could smell the sweet scent of her perfume, he only just realised too how incredibly beautiful she was.'
  27. 'Aubrey buried his face into her hair, smelling the sweet scent of rose shampoo, hiding his face from view.'
  28. 'She missed the sun on her face, the sweet smell of flowers, the birds and insect life.'
  29. 'Another breeze and I smelt the sweet smell of flowers.'
  30. 'Sitting in the shadow of an Osmanthus tree, visitors to Guilin Park are intoxicated by the sweet scent of the flower.'
  31. 'A beautiful one, with so many wild flowers that a sweet scent of lavender lingered on the soft breeze that was brushing his face.'
Pleasing in general; delightful.
  1. 'It's a sweet deal for General Motors, which snags 2% of world market share for a pittance.'
  2. 'Though her sense of swing is evolving, Bode's unpretentious delivery, easy phrasing and sweet demeanor is delightful.'
  3. 'some sweet, short-lived revenge'
  4. 'Revenge may be sweet but it is also destructive.'
  5. 'They are tales of brutal death and sweet revenge, savage slayings and cryptic final words - stories that lift the coffin lid on Yorkshire's grisly past.'
  6. 'This victory was sweet revenge for last year when Brosna beat Scart in that final.'
  7. 'This is a temple which tells the story of sweet revenge.'
  8. 'Revenge may sometimes be sweet - but at what cost?'
  9. 'But Jackie ends up with more than sweet revenge when she finds Frank hanging from a ceiling beam in her living room with a suicide note stuffed in his mouth.'
  10. 'Derry Rovers Youths gained sweet revenge over rivals Spink Celtic in this Shield match played in the Ben Mulhall Park on Sunday, April 7.'
  11. 'Other commentators see the success of the film, both at the box office and in terms of awards nominations, as some kind of sweet revenge on the Bush administration and those who voted for it.'
  12. 'It was sweet revenge for the Dubliner after losing to Leedsman Hunter in last season's Welsh Open final in Cardiff.'
  13. 'For Burrell, however, who blames Charles for the stress he was put through in the court case, revenge has been sweet and very lucrative.'
  14. 'the sweet handling of this motorcycle'
  15. 'Performance and drivability are enhanced by a sweet clutch/gearbox combination, giving smooth changes.'
  16. 'Suddenly the sweet sound of Christine's voice filled his ears.'
  17. 'The album is overflowing with sweet harmonies and guitar riffs and beats that are edgy without being overbearing.'
  18. 'The sweet sounds of an unplugged guitar and crackling fire mixed with vague cultish lyrics, opiating our young minds with hope and faith.'
  19. 'As Tory opened the front door, the sweet sound of Greta's piano floated through the house.'
  20. 'It would start with whispers, a sweet sound to catch your ear before maintaining a crescendo into other more vocalized sounds leading to the climax.'
  21. 'Jarrod's a big fella, well over 6 feet, with hands the size of tree stumps, but still able to coax sweet sounds from a guitar.'
  22. 'Ears still stand up, but for the sweet sounds of the silver lining in the music they make together.'
  23. 'The sweet sound of the trumpets sounded and I was declared winner of the bout.'
  24. 'The sweet sound of the Northumbrian pipes, playing folk tunes which would have been familiar to eighteenth-century audiences, greeted us as we climbed the stairs.'
  25. 'The sweet sounds of 50's pop filled the room, and as Jamie listened to a ballad about love, she recalled her previous thought of Walker.'
  26. 'By now, all that sweet music Buffett and Clayton had made together was a distant memory.'
  27. 'Eastwood After Hours is a disc filled with passionate music, a lot of fun and some sweet, sweet jazz music.'
  28. 'On ‘Feel Free’ Peter Nelson waxes spiritual over a sweet reggae beat.'
  29. 'The music picked up the tempo and overhead a saxophone played sweet jazz.'
  30. 'The fact that these impressions are expressed in the context of a description of sweet music gives the adjective a power of referring to the impression also.'
(of a person or action) pleasant and kind or thoughtful.
  1. 'it was sweet of you to come'
  2. 'They had all proven to me that they were sweet and nice and friendly.'
  3. 'A great heart, a sweet personality, but bumbling and awkward.'
  4. 'He was an extremely friendly and sweet man and he will be missed.'
  5. 'She was sweet and nice to mostly everyone she meet, she didn't deserve to get in trouble cause of his stupid idea.'
  6. 'He's not intimidating, though, he's an incredibly sweet guy.'
  7. 'She is sweet, sincere, genuine, thoughtful, compassionate and he knew she liked him for him, not his money.'
  8. 'Huh, so one of the top five good-looking blokes of my entire University career, and a really nice, sweet person, chats me up on my first night and I turn him down.'
  9. 'He was really sweet and nice, even when he was laughing in dry amusement at her crazier antics.'
  10. 'It was bought for me by some of my closest friends and some of my favourite web people - really really sweet friends who clubbed together for my thirtieth birthday.'
  11. 'We did hang out with them in Montreal, though, and they were so sweet, they totally understood where we came from.'
  12. 'Once again, he blew everyone away with his sweet voice and endearing songs about love and loss.'
  13. 'Her sweet voice and cute, large eyes attracted most people.'
  14. 'Probably as much as I adore her amazingly endearing, sweet, dorky, and beautiful boyfriend.'
  15. 'He was so cute, so sweet, so special and so attractive.'
  16. 'For the second year in a row I am assisting with finding a home for a sweet little black cat.'
  17. 'A charming and sweet, for this family, episode that centers on their holiday celebrations in New York.'
  18. 'I find people treating my friends' guide dogs as being sweet or cute offensive - they are working dogs, and no cuter or more highly trained than a heading dog.'
  19. 'Like a lot of people I've heard from, my expectations for it were not exactly sky high, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how charming and sweet the movie is.'
  20. 'It is that idealism and sweet sentiment which make Barrichello so endearing and were he able to usurp Schumacher Senior this season, there are few who would begrudge him the title.'
  21. 'Throughout most of it he is, on the surface and even in his heart, a charming, sweet sort of chap, not at all a villain.'
  22. 'It's Polly and Robert; they're sweet on each other, as if you couldn't guess.'
  23. 'Something tells me you're rather sweet on this girl of yours?'
  24. 'I can't read signals well, but if I were to take a stab at it, I would guess that she is sweet on me.'
  25. 'Mick was pretty sweet on her,'
  26. 'Me and him were sweet on each other when we were just knee high.'
  27. 'my sweet love'
Used for emphasis in various phrases and exclamations.
  1. 'In fact, I'd like to think that, were the incident to recur today, I would politely shove him to the ground, dole out a few sweet phrases, and send him packing.'


A small shaped piece of confectionery made with sugar.
  1. 'Another point to stress is that they do not seem to have candies or sweets for children: sugar is in short supply and regarded'
  2. 'Then came the sweet: an enormous confection covered with spun sugar.'
  3. 'The sandwiches and shows, and a little sweet shop he set up at the end of the flats.'
  4. 'Casey James Confectionery Store has sold sweets and candies on St Mary's Street, off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, since 1954.'
  5. 'Avoid sugar and other sweets in order to bring your body's blood-sugar levels back within a normal range.'
  6. 'When I was a young child, I used to live near a shop that sold sweets in jars.'
  7. 'But what a good idea to have prepared a large collection of bags of sweets to pass to your daughters at regular intervals throughout the film.'
  8. 'Halvais have produced as many variations on their themes as European confectioners have on boiled sugar sweets.'
  9. 'The workers produce handmade Indian sweets for shops and restaurants.'
  10. 'Police had observed 47 children buying sweets from the shop late on a Sunday afternoon.'
A sweet dish forming a course of a meal; a pudding or dessert.
  1. 'I passed on the sweets, but my husband chose the double chocolate pudding with custard.'
  2. 'Pudding was rose - flavoured chum chum sweetmeats, lachedar rabri, a milk sweet, and tila kulfi - Indian ice cream on a stick, delivered by cart.'
  3. 'Patients can choose from a variety of main courses, accompaniments and sweets for their lunch or supper, and there are vegetarian, halal and high calorie choices.'
  4. 'Faced with multiple sweets and puddings, I simply reclined and used the best of the divan.'
  5. 'Different sweets we just had to try, sticky toffee pudding, cheesecake, and chocolate gateaux.'
Used as an affectionate form of address.
    The sweet part or element of something.
    1. 'the sweets of office'


    1. having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar, honey, etc.

    2. producing the one of the four basic taste sensations that is not bitter, sour, or salt.

    3. not rancid or stale; fresh: This milk is still sweet.

    4. not salt or salted: sweet butter.

    5. pleasing to the ear; making a delicate, pleasant, or agreeable sound; musical.

    6. pleasing or fresh to the smell; fragrant; perfumed.

    7. pleasing or agreeable; delightful.

    8. amiable; kind or gracious,

    More examples(as adjective)

    "people can be sweet to people."

    "people can be sweet on people."

    "victories can be sweet for people."

    "people can be sweet with passengers."

    "people can be sweet as heathers."

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    Old English swēte, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zoet, German süss, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin suavis and Greek hēdus.


    be like a kid in a sweet shop
    keep someone sweet
    in one's own sweet time (or way)
    she's sweet
    sweet as
    sweet dreams
    sweet sixteen