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Extending or performed in a long, continuous curve.
  1. 'a smooth sweeping motion'
  2. 'His leg thrashes in a violent sweeping motion - much like one would move one's leg if one were lying prone in the snow making angels.'
  3. 'Tilting your spine to the right helps shallow out your downswing and allows you to make contact with a sweeping motion, hitting up on the ball.'
  4. 'With a continuous sweeping glass window running the length of the bar, Sky offers one of the finest views in Vienna.'
  5. '‘Look, I think I'll just come back later,’ I interrupted with a sweeping motion of my hand.'
  6. 'They flow with gentle curves and long, sweeping tails.'
  7. 'The aggressive front end with its big grille and air-scoop gave way to sweeping compound curves as you moved towards the rear of the car.'
  8. 'Above each design they make a mark with an nkunia and a sweeping motion of a machete.'
  9. 'The road should have as broad, sweeping curves as the site will allow.'
  10. 'In the third square, I used a slow, careful sweeping motion, filling in the small areas afterward.'
  11. 'The popular Albert Park circuit is a street track which goes through a leafy park, combining fast corners and tight hairpins along with sweeping curves.'
Wide in range or effect.
  1. 'The Executive has proposed the two routes to Rotherham as part of a sweeping extension of the popular Supertram system.'
  2. 'It is worth a read because the regulator has wide and sweeping powers to issue directions to an ADI to enforce prudential standards and performance.'
  3. 'The proposal makes sweeping, radical changes in the law, but the regulatory analysis does not reflect them.'
  4. 'The court's decisions range from the sweeping to the minute.'
  5. 'After being in office for just ten days, he signed into law a sweeping range of measures authorising the imposition of martial law over the country.'
  6. 'Berlusconi then reverted to his normal strategy by pleading for several more years to put into effect the sweeping reforms he had promised on his election.'
  7. 'He gestured with the knife in a wide sweeping move, and from between the pillars, several dozen young people entered the circle.'
  8. 'One might think that the authors of the report, in light of the disaster which they describe, would call for sweeping and far-reaching action by the world community to fight the epidemic.'
  9. 'Analysts say sweeping tax reform that comes into effect in January 2002 is another key factor.'
  10. 'Radical, sweeping changes are riskier but often more effective, because they quickly yield benefits visible to everyone.'
  11. 'a sweeping assertion'
  12. 'But this is a sweeping statement, instantly challengeable.'
  13. 'This is a sweeping statement and perhaps worthy of some explanation.'
  14. 'Usually these these theories come from people who don't follow the sport week in, week out, but rather drop in every so often to make bold, sweeping statements.'
  15. 'We were looking for someone willing to make a sweeping statement announcing the Texans had arrived and that the play-offs were just around the corner.'
  16. 'There's a few sweeping statements in there that would not stand up to scrutiny.'
  17. 'I suppose there must be plenty of counterexamples to such a sweeping statement, but none occur to me offhand.'
  18. 'Does it engage in systematic field research and does it avoid sweeping comments, except to the degree that these are sustained by its detailed findings through field research?'
  19. 'This not only has led to sweeping statements, but also to a misunderstanding of the Safavid political system and economy, and also to many factual mistakes.'
  20. 'The result is a number of sweeping statements that are asserted but not demonstrated.'
  21. 'Culvert says that they haven't treated enough hepatitis patients to make any sweeping statements.'


Dirt or refuse collected by sweeping.
  1. 'And he walked right through my sweepings. ‘Look at this stuff,’ he said, kicking it away.’'
  2. 'I'm sure floor sweepings swept out doors and vacuum cleaner dust spilt outside also have these threads in them and tangle in wagtails' feet.'
  3. 'Partly because he did lots of sweeping but I hadn't ever seen him with a trolley or bag to put the sweepings into and partly because of his manner of sweeping.'
  4. 'It's like the sweepings of the monumental studio, the stuff they didn't want to put in the official state monument.'
  5. 'They even examined floor sweepings from tombs and living areas.'
  6. 'The vegetable garden at Drummuir near Huntly is maintained along organic lines and sweepings from the local hairdressers have been used for several years as an effective pest deterrent.'
  7. 'I realize there may be a number of urban gardeners who, for a small fee, would be more than happy to set me up with some sweepings from their grow-op.'
  8. 'This tall, narrow 13-by - 4-foot drawing scrolls from ceiling to floor, where it curls slightly, and is held in place by a slurry of grimy studio sweepings.'
  9. 'Carbohydrate sources of commercial pet food may consist of grain factory waste (i.e., dust, floor sweepings and husks.)'
  10. 'Sadly, if it continues, that is what is threatening to become of the great Liberal Party tradition: a cold-hearted butcher to the withering slab of the Australian body, and the public get sausages for policy from the sweepings off the floor.'


1. of wide range or scope.

2. moving or passing about over a wide area: a sweeping glance.

3. moving, driving, or passing steadily and forcibly on.

4. (of the outcome of a contest) decisive; overwhelming; complete: a sweeping victory. noun

5. the act of a person or thing that sweeps.

6. sweepings, matter swept out or up, as dust, refuse, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"submissions can be sweeping in effects."

"people can be sweeping in judgements."

"reforms can be sweeping."

"changes can be sweeping."

"powers can be sweeping."

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