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Very good; excellent.
  1. 'Superb, just superb use of the server hardware image section.'
  2. 'But that's a minor complaint when the overall result is so full of delightful contrasts and superb songwriting.'
  3. 'These interviews are superb, loaded with fascinating trivia and insights that are truly unique.'
  4. 'I once gardened on a city terrace where my next door neighbour was a superb gardener by the name of Miss Jean Harvey.'
  5. 'He is a superb ballet dancer, yet here attempts to combine his enchanting talent with modern Cuban movement.'
  6. 'Walter Schreifels has once again made a superb album with a superb band.'
  7. 'It's not a work you find programmed or recorded a lot, although it has attracted many superb pianists.'
  8. 'Doyle also makes superb use of cryptic symbolism.'
  9. 'Both the writing and the performances are superb.'
  10. 'Tamara is tall and beautiful and a superb horsewoman, so I felt kind of warm all over.'
  11. 'The cast, without exception, is superb, with Moore the pick of the bunch as the dutiful housewife.'
Impressively splendid.
  1. 'With its bright interior, secure setting and superb location, this property should attract plenty of viewers.'
  2. 'Painted by Lippo and not Simone, the Guidoriccio remains a superb work of art and a glorious monument to Siena's Golden Age.'
  3. 'Based on the 18-year-old stage musical, The Phantom Of The Opera is a considerably flawed, yet visually superb, tale of beauty, beast and love.'
  4. 'It looks superb in High Definition with the rich colours of the African plains complementing the superb level of detail of the animals' faces and bodies.'
  5. 'Süleyman adorned his empire with numerous superb buildings, most of them built by his great architect Sinan, who continued his work under Selim II and Murat III.'
  6. 'The game's graphics are stupendous, amazing, superb, and outstanding - choose your favorite.'
  7. 'The art of death has never been so compelling, so entertaining (and, at times, so hilarious) as in these superb north Italian monumental cemeteries.'


1. admirably fine or excellent; extremely good: a superb performance.

2. sumptuous; rich; grand: superb jewels.

3. of a proudly imposing appearance or kind; majestic: superb mountain vistas.

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"waters can be superb for swimmings."

"views can be superb with rows."

"sequences can be superb with effects."

"schools can be superb by pupils."

"rices can be superb in/at/on tonights."

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Mid 16th century (in superb (sense 2)): from Latin superbus ‘proud, magnificent’.