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(of a person or their manner) quiet and rather reflective or depressed.
  1. 'Early fears of waterlogging and flooding in various of the venue's marquees proved unfounded, although heavy downpours all morning long subdued delegates' spirits.'
  2. 'She smiled, in a subtle, subdued manner, her elfin features bore a look that was regal, majestic, aristocratic.'
  3. 'Allie nodded and in a subdued manner, kept her low while the food was served.'
  4. 'The mood of the team is usually fairly jovial, but they were very subdued when it became apparent what was happening.'
  5. 'It was a small and somewhat subdued crowd greeting Goertzen at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre as he and his wife Kim arrived to address supporters.'
  6. 'At the first strum the previously subdued audience surged forward waving and chanting.'
  7. 'A subdued crowd of tourists from all over Britain and the world gathered with locals to pay their respects at one of 12 salutes taking place around the country and in Gibraltar.'
  8. 'When I picked her up from her first school dance she was strangely subdued and even shaken.'
  9. 'She was uncharacteristically subdued, and she walked with slumped shoulders and eyes on the ground.'
  10. 'As I left the press meeting in Auburn, I encountered a subdued Linda, her parents, and a young man who said he was a close friend of hers.'
(of colour or lighting) soft and restrained.
  1. 'It is decorated in the most interesting manner with dark subdued lighting creating a warm cosy atmosphere.'
  2. 'But art deco coloured glass means subdued lighting, hence the problems with reading the menu.'
  3. 'Colour choices are subdued, and monochromatic.'
  4. 'The roof terrace looks down into the Grassmarket, while inside the subdued lighting and dark wooden furniture lends itself to romantic candlelit dinners.'
  5. 'The film looks like any big-city hotel - an atrium, subdued lighting, comfy modern chairs on the ground floor.'
  6. 'These works necessitated smaller spaces and subdued lighting, thus making the transition somewhat awkward.'
  7. 'Gehry had also designed a more subdued colour scheme for the central sports centre, but again says he was urged to be more extreme by the government's advisers.'
  8. 'There's subdued lighting, quieter colours and the chefs are now in a kitchen, which is visible from the main foyer.'
  9. 'Only problem was, the lighting was very subdued and I couldn't really see what I was consuming.'
  10. 'The subdued hues of the soft corals and sponges and the shimmering fish flirting along the reef edge made a stunning spectacle.'


1. quiet; inhibited; repressed; controlled: After the argument he was much more subdued.

2. lowered in intensity or strength; reduced in fullness of tone, as a color or voice; muted: subdued light; wallpaper in subdued greens.

3. (of land) not marked by any striking features, as mountains or cliffs: a subdued landscape.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be subdued on dates."

"inflations can be subdued at percents."

"tradings can be subdued on bourses."

"prices can be subdued in dates."

"places can be subdued in dates."

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