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Prevent from growing or developing properly.
  1. figurative 'the recovery of our industries is stunted by lack of funds'
  2. 'Towards the bog's centre, 20-year-old pines reach heights of just three-feet, their growth stunted by the bog's acidic soils created by the sphagnum.'
  3. 'While some of the 10 chicks seized died before coming to the zoo, one, whose growth was stunted, died here.'
  4. 'It is ensured that only minimum nutrients are provided to these trees for it facilitates stunted growth.'
  5. 'Affected children usually have stunted physical growth, as well as irreparably retarded mental development.'
  6. 'We are only too familiar with anorexia and bulimia nervosa among young girls, and we know that these conditions can lead to stunted growth, fertility problems and psychological difficulties.'
  7. 'After the dry summer that we just had, when growth is stunted, photosynthetic energy is directed into colourful pigment production due to lack of sufficient water, creating more spectacular colours.'
  8. 'The condition can cause stunted growth and mental disabilities, but with only about 2,000 sufferers worldwide, the search for a cure is extremely difficult to fund.'
  9. 'More than a third of all children who live to their first birthday show signs of severely stunted growth brought on by malnutrition and infectious diseases.'
  10. 'This is a pure stand of baldcypress, their funny knees like stunted growth reaching up three or four feet, and then perhaps breaking into feathery needles.'
  11. 'Many of the children also have stunted growth and become mentally retarded.'


An action displaying spectacular skill and daring.
  1. as modifier 'the display is by some of the world's top stunt fliers'
  2. 'Because they had 7 boats that did this role they just used the number system, most of the boats had 440 engines in them and they were built extremely heavy for jumping and stunts.'
  3. 'In order to execute yesterday's daring stunt, I was obliged to make a special journey to WH Smith to buy some felt pens - only to discover that they are no longer stocked.'
  4. 'The most thrilling displays were the equestrian jumps and the motorcycle stunts.'
  5. 'The musical, set in a Big Top, features gravity-defying stunts and slapstick clowning as it portrays the story of American showman PT Barnum.'
  6. 'Like Harold Lloyd, he made ‘big’ pictures filled with spectacular stunts that showed off his superb athletic abilities.'
  7. 'Following the delivery to that company, the aircraft was flown around the world as a promotional stunt.'
  8. 'Bone-headed training stunts and car and helicopter crashes dominate but somewhere in the wreckage is Colin Farrell in his second film release in quick succession.'
  9. 'They could take a flight in a helicopter, watch ferret racing, visit a fun dog show, and watch displays of gun dogs going through their paces or model helicopters doing stunts.'
  10. 'Carefully done, night flight in single-engine airplanes isn't a crazy stunt; it can be the most fun you'll ever have.'
  11. 'Spectacular aerial stunts and jumps seem slightly out of place.'
  12. 'There was little fanfare or heated canvassing among candidates, and even the democratic camp, which had put up nine hopefuls, was short of publicity stunts.'
  13. 'Somebody who thinks carving the name of her fiancé into her body with a razor blade for her wedding might need to find ways to top her own scandalous stunts.'
  14. 'The Queen, who attended church as normal, was told about the incident, the latest in a string of publicity stunts by the civil rights group.'
  15. '‘This is not what we wanted to happen, this is not the outcome we expected,’ said Maher, who is well known for his publicity stunts.'
  16. 'It is a reminder there's really nothing new about the activities of Greenpeace et al.; people have been engaging in spectacular stunts to get their views across for a very long time indeed.'
  17. 'He fast gained a reputation for publicity stunts, such as persuading elderly survivors to recount their Holocaust experiences on his German media ‘road show’.'
  18. 'Back in the 20s and 30s, businesses tried to advertise themselves by pulling dangerous publicity stunts.'
  19. 'The two, members of an environmental group, said their stunt was to draw attention to a campaign to save the rainforest.'
  20. 'As publicity stunts go, this one was bound to cause outrage.'
  21. 'However, association president Phillip Reid says the announcement is a stunt to attract more publicity to the service and justify its cost.'


Perform stunts, especially aerobatics.

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    1. slowed or stopped abnormally in growth or development.

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    "goldses can be stunted of days."

    "needles can be stunted in growths."

    "trees can be stunted."

    "growths can be stunted."

    "children can be stunted."

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    Late 19th century (originally US college slang): of unknown origin.